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Frequently Asked Questions about Vaginal Dryness

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What is Happy Hoo Hoo?

The Happy Hoo Hoo is an amazing all-natural suppository - no mess, low cost, and no prescription needed. The Happy Hoo Hoo Vaginal Suppositories help restore dry vaginal tissues to their healthy, youthful state, helping to relieve painful internal and external dryness, irritation, and painful intercourse. Continued use can help rebuild the vaginal muscles, decrease urinary leakage, improve sex drive, and heighten the intensity of orgasms. 

Formulated to include the finest bioidentical hormones available. Most hormones introduced inside the vagina will not be absorbed into the blood stream (thank you Mother Nature!) so Happy Hoo Hoo will mostly stay in the vaginal tissue where it does the most good.

We provide 16 intravaginal suppositories in each pack! That's enough for a whole month of initial treatment and will last up to two or three months thereafter!

What are the ingredients in Happy Hoo Hoo?

There are 2 Formulations both meet these quality standards  ...

The Quality of the Ingredients Makes the Difference! Because the quality of the ingredients isn't just important, it's everything! Our customers agree! They are made bioidentical to human hormones from non-GMO, organic sources, then blended into a soft, moisturizing vaginal suppository which is also made from all natural Saturated Fatty Acids. There are NO unwanted ingredients in Happy Hoo Hoo, just bioidentical hormones and natural fatty acids! 

Happy Hoo Hoo Pregnenolone and Progesterone ~ A ReBuilding Formulation

Each intravaginal suppository contains Pregnenolone 15mg USP plus Progesterone 5mg USP in the original healthy Fatty Acid Base. Both of which are bioidentical, USP, Non-GMO and yam-sourced (not from soy). An excellent addition to hormone replacement therapy.

Pregnenolone is a “parent” hormone of the sex hormones estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. Taking pregnenolone raises levels of those sex hormones.

Note: This product does not contain Estrogen, Testosterone or DHEA.

Happy Hoo Hoo Estriol and Progesterone ~ A ReStoring Formulation

Each intravaginal suppository contains Estriol 1mg USP plus Progesterone 10mg USP in the original healthy Fatty Acid Base. Both of which are bioidentical, USP, Non-GMO and yam-sourced (not from soy). An excellent addition to hormone replacement therapy.

Estradiol is a form of estrogen, a female sex hormone that regulates many processes in the body. Estriol reduces symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes and vaginal dryness, but with a better safety profile compared with more potent estrogens. This makes estriol a better choice for bioidentical hormone-replacement treatment regimes.

Estriol has benefits that also include bone density health, heart health and postmenopausal urinary tract health.

How do I choose Which Happy Hoo Hoo is Right for Me? 

Choosing a Happy Hoo Hoo is EASY!

Ask Yourself:

1. Did my doctor recommend a Vaginal Estrogen treatment?


CHOICE IS EASY: Choose ReStoring Formulation with ESTRIOL and Progesterone


Move to the next question:

2. Do my partner and I have spontaneous intimate times together - like "spur of the moment" (instead of a pretty much "planned event" or commonly KNOWN time)?

YES... we are spontaneous and we don't know when we'll be in the mood!

CHOICE is EASY! Choose ReBuilding Formulation with PREGNENOLONE and Progesterone

NO... my partner and I are RARELY spontaneous (who has time for that!) and we pretty much know it's going to be on Sundays... or Fridays... or whenever. We generally know.


ESTRIOL with Progesterone - ReStoring Formulation OR
PREGNENOLONE with Progesterone - ReBuilding Formulation

Why? Because the ONLY thing you need to think about is... Would you want ANY Estrogen touching your man? I personally recommend waiting 8 hours after using any vaginal ESTROGEN before having intercourse ... JUST TO KEEP OUR MEN safe!

Now... to be COMPLETELY FAIR...

Never in the use of vaginal Estrogens has there been a single case of a man's estrogen levels reportedly altered from the use of his partner's vaginal estrogen.

I'm just a little obsessive... and I recognize this.  But at the same time I have always been very aware that there are many things we don't fully understand in medicine - and I practice carefully and methodically to protect patients from the unknown.  Some of my practices may be over protective.  But some have come to be the RIGHT way - through time - when the PRACTICE of medicine finally catches up with the RESEARCH of medicine.

This is why I LOVE the Pregnenolone with Progesterone choice for all you women out there who are still "foot loose and fancy free".  

How is Happy Hoo Hoo packaged?

Happy Hoo Hoo comes in a suppository form and is mess-FREE with no “need-to-clean” applicators.

How does it work?

The Happy Hoo Hoo is absorbed by the vaginal tissues, restoring moisture, elasticity, and strength to your vaginal tissues.

How soon will it start to work?

Many women prefer to stay on 3-4 suppositories per week because they notice an “almost immediate” improvement of how they feel “down there.” Going from dry to mildly moist feels great and you will want to feel this all day long! Other women feel they need only 2-3 suppositories per week. You will find the perfect frequency for You by following this guideline. Be patient with yourself. If dryness returns, increase back to the previous amount per week.

What is vaginal atrophy?

Vaginal atrophy, simply put, is the thinning of the walls inside the vagina. It occurs with aging in up to 75% of all women, becoming more common as we age and enter menopause. However, Vaginal Atrophy can also start early, when a woman is in her 30’s, because it is caused by the progressive decline of sex hormones. Because it is a slow and progressive condition, many women may not pay close attention to what is occurring until they are silently suffering with painful symptoms.

What are symptoms of vaginal atrophy?

External and internal vaginal pain and irritation, achiness in the vagina and vulva, vaginal dryness, itching, and/or burning, lack of normal healthy discharge, urinary leakage, painful intercourse (also called dyspareunia) and little to no interest in sexual intimacy.

Is vaginal dryness common?

Many women with Vaginal Atrophy suffer in silence, avoiding intercourse. Some women even avoid seeing their doctors for fear of pain associated with a physical exam. In fact, less than 25% of women with Vaginal Atrophy will talk to their doctors about this problem.

What does cGMP mean?

The Happy Hoo Hoo is also made in a cGMP facility here in the United States. cGMP refers to the Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations enforced by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Facilities who are licensed cGMP facilities must follow strict regulations that help assure proper design, monitoring, and control of manufacturing processes and facilities in the United States.

When should I use Happy Hoo Hoo? 

You can insert a Happy Hoo Hoo suppository before bed; however, if you forget, you can still insert a Happy Hoo Hoo in the morning, without any concern for excessive leakage during the day.  Though I do try to remember mine before bed, there are many mornings that I have used the Happy Hoo Hoo in the morning, without noticing anything other than the resolution of dryness.

How often should I use Happy Hoo Hoo?

When you first start using Happy Hoo Hoo, you should plan to use one suppository 4 times a week. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are great days to plan to use your Happy Hoo Hoo. Another easy-to-remember schedule is Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Any days of the week are fine. The important thing is to BE CONSISTENT.

One of the key points to understand when it comes to frequency of Vaginal suppository usage is to understand that each woman has a different “degree” of Vaginal Dryness. The longer you wait to restore your Vaginal Tissues, the longer it takes to be FREE of vaginal dryness. The good news is that it is “fixable” AND you will notice improvement all along the way! Now is the best time to start!

How long will one package of Happy Hoo Hoo last me?

One package of Happy Hoo Hoo has 16 suppositories. Therefore, one package will last one month when you are using four suppositories per week. This is the appropriate amount to use when you are first starting out and initially healing your vaginal tissues.

Can I still use a lubricant?

Yes, lubricant use is permitted.

Is it messy?

No. When you first start using it, your body will absorb all of it. If you notice that you begin to have too much moisture, back off on the dosage so your body can adjust to the new dosage.

Is it normal to have moisture down there?

Yes, totally normal.

Are Happy Hoo Hoo and Young Hormones meant to be used concurrently or is it either or?

Happy Hoo Hoo suppositories and all of our topical Young Hormone cream formulations are for simultaneous use for women who need both.

I must eat gluten free. Do I need to be concerned about the wheat germ oil in the Young Hormones?

We have never had a single person who has had any difficulty with the wheat germ oil in our Young Hormones creams and as Dr. Karen formulated our creams, one of her main concerns and requirements were that they could be used by women who had a gluten allergy (celiac disease), as well as gluten intolerant individuals.  We have been assured by our compounding pharmacist advisor that the wheat germ oil in our creams is of no concern to those with a gluten allergy.

The wheat germ oil in our creams is cold pressed processed. 

The general consensus is that processed wheat germ oil in products applied to the skin, (even as a vaginal suppository), are highly unlikely to cause any reaction in a person who is allergic to gluten, because during the cold pressed process, gluten is removed. 

The U.S. Department of Agriculture states "A benefit of refining oils is that the refining process renders them virtually free of allergenic protein."



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