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Types of Testing

 Dr. Leggett's Recommended Hormone Testing Kits

ZRT testing kits on our site are at discounted prices and shipped directly from ZRT to your door FOR FREE!  Each test comes with a prepaid UPS label to make it super convenient for you to send the kit back to the ZRT lab. Note: If you select UPS Next Day Air for Young Hormones products, it will not apply to ZRT test kits.

ZRT test kits (including AccuMAP-5) can be shipped to 48* U.S. states and D.C.
*Attention MD and NY residents: Unfortunately, by law, ZRT cannot ship test kits to any address in 
New York or Maryland.




ZRT Labs


 If you DON'T want to test first, go here and click "Not Testing" for help on choosing the right product now without testing.

If you DO decide to test first, use the links above to get your test kit.
After testing visit the Choosing and Using the Right Product page
and click on "Tested and Have Results."