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Womens Health Physician on Vaginal Dryness

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Women's Health Physician & Self-proclaimed "Driest Vagina in the World," Shows You How to Get Your "Hoo Hoo" Happy Again

Hi, Dr. Karen Leggett here.

I’m a board-certified physician in family medicine and geriatrics. And I have absolutely no problem telling you that for over 30 years, I could easily claim the title of “driest vagina in the world.” It was so bad that I nearly alienated myself from my husband because of the pain.

I refused to accept that this problem was part of getting older, or something that I’d just have to “deal” with. So, I did something about it. I hope that what I have to share with you today will demonstrate that there’s a solution for you, and that you don’t have to suffer any longer.


I’ve spent the last 17 years helping and supporting midlife women in balancing their sex hormones, stress hormones, thyroid hormones, and gut hormones to restore the youth and vitality to their quality of life. My personal suffering, while excruciating at the time, led me to my passion in life-- helping you find permanent relief and ultimately, reignite sexual intimacy with your partner.

Because you and I know that you can’t even think about being intimate when you’re in pain.

And you’re caught in a vicious cycle between feeling guilt and relief every time you get out of having sex.

Even though you love your partner and would gladly make love to him if you felt better.

I want you to know that you’re not alone.

There are A LOT of women going through this. In fact, most women never even tell their doctor they’re having issues. They assume it’s part of getting older and try to deal with it.

Have you ever felt that way?

Have you been spending months or years in pain and avoiding sex based on the assumption that there wasn’t anything you could do about this?


My husband is amazing. He's the man I didn't deserve but God gave me anyway. There has never been a more patient man on this earth than my David. And I’ve certainly tested his patience over the years. When I was in my early thirties, my condition developed making intimacy a problem. Sex felt like “the Sahara Desert down there” and I couldn’t get through it without sobbing.

I was desperate for a solution. I tried several products on the market, but they never worked for me long-term.

I even stifled my embarrassment and went to a sex shop because it was the only place I could find certain lubricant brands that weren’t available anywhere else.

Nothing gave me lasting relief. It was either a temporary fix, or it was so messy and required a lot of preparation that it ruined any kind of spontaneity that David and I had. Most of them were lubricants and not an actual healing treatment for my vaginal dryness. David remained understanding and patient. 

My reaction was less pleasant. I grew frustrated, angry, and full of resentment. Why was this happening to me?

I was too young to experience these symptoms in my life. We’d had a healthy and exciting sex life up until that point. Why did that have to change?

As each new product I tried failed, I gave up. I tried to accept that this was my life-- our life-- now and threw myself into my work. I didn’t actually tell David that I had given up, probably because I knew he wasn’t to that point yet. But I was emotionally and physically exhausted worrying about it. I threw myself into my work full force. I stayed late to avoid coming home and putting myself in a situation where I knew that David might want to try again.

He never pushed me. He never guilted me into it, but every touch on my shoulder or kiss on my neck let me know it was on his mind.

I remember thinking, “please don’t give me that look… I know what that means, and I just can’t do it.”

He would sense my drifting away from him, read my body language and get the hint. When he would go away, I felt guilty for hours afterward.

But I also felt relief. And that just made me feel worse. Occasionally, he would subtly test the waters, checking in to see if my answer was still a “no.”

It was when he stopped checking in that I realized things were shifting. He was starting to give up.

That scared me.

What if I’ve rejected him for so long that he’s now lost interest? What if I’ve driven him to consider going outside of our marriage? It’s not a pleasant thought but if we as women are honest, it’s something we do think about. Of course, it’s not our fault and we wouldn’t be to blame if our husband did have an affair. But we also hear so much from society about driving men into the arms of other women.

I knew that this had to stop. This wasn’t the quality of life I wanted for either of us. He didn’t deserve it.

And neither did I.

So, I turned to my experience and expertise for the answer. I spent months formulating the perfect healing treatment that was vegan and organic-friendly to the body.

I wanted something that wouldn’t be messy during application and that I could apply either in the morning or evening and last me all day.

I also wanted something that wouldn’t put a damper on the “mood,” so I figured out the best time of the day to administer the treatment and still maintain the spontaneity in our sex life.

After several trials, I came up with Happy Hoo Hoo in 2 Formulations ...


Choosing the Right Happy Hoo Hoo


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