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DHEA POWER - DHEA USP in a Botanical Cream - 200 Pumps Per Bottle!
DHEA POWER - DHEA USP in a Botanical Cream - 200 Pumps Per Bottle!
DHEA POWER - DHEA USP in a Botanical Cream - 200 Pumps Per Bottle!
DHEA POWER - DHEA USP in a Botanical Cream - 200 Pumps Per Bottle!

DHEA POWER - DHEA USP in a Botanical Cream - 200 Pumps Per Bottle!

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DHEA POWER contains DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone). Each full press of the pump dispenses 0.25 ml of bioidentical cream, which contains approximately 1.25mg bioidentical DHEA (USP), a typical starting amount for women. Topical hormones are 4 to 5 times stronger than oral (pills, capsules). Each pump containing 1.25mg of DHEA is equivalent to approximately 5mg of DHEA taken orally.

  • Organic / Non-GMO
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Paraben-Free & Fragrance-Free
  • Organic Natural Ingredients & Natural Preservatives
  • Added Antioxidants, Botanicals & Herbal Extracts


DHEA is a hormone made by our Adrenal Glands. The brain also can make its own DHEA. Starting in our 30’s, DHEA starts to decline, and by menopause, we have about HALF the amount we had in our 30’s. By age 70, we have only 25% of our once youthful levels.

DHEA is a “Growth and Repair” hormone. It promotes bone growth, muscle mass, a strong immune system and healthy brain function. It helps fight infections and decrease allergies. In addition, DHEA has been shown to decrease insulin resistance AND decrease triglycerides, which are both known causes of diabetes and heart disease.


DHEA also helps reduce the damaging effects of stress! Unfortunately, DHEA declines more rapidly during physical and emotional stress because the Adrenal Glands preferentially produce Cortisol during stress, which bypasses the production of DHEA and Sex Hormones.

Remember... DHEA is required to make Estrogen and Testosterone too!

Replacing DHEA has been shown to help with weight loss, joint pain, sleep, energy levels, strength, immune function, feelings of wellness, and general quality of life.


Women need far less DHEA than men and should not take the same high doses men use. The topical starting dose for women should be between 1.25mg and 2.5mg daily. Remember, topical hormone creams are 4-5 times stronger than oral hormones.

I have carefully created Young Hormones DHEA POWER to provide the proper dosing of DHEA for women. DHEA POWER comes in our airless container providing accurate amounts with each press of the pump.

It is best to start with 1 pump (or 1.25mg) per day for 3-4 weeks, and then increase to 2 pumps (or 2.5mg) per day, which is the most needed by the average woman.

Some women - particularly those under extreme stress - need up to 2 pumps twice daily; but if you are one of these women, always wait 3-4 weeks between usage increases, and never increase by more than 1 pump per day at a time.

Women RARELY need more than 5mg (2 pumps twice daily) of TOPICAL DHEA.

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NOTE FOR TRAVELERS: A full bottle of DHEA Power contains 1.7 fluid ounces. TSA allows 3.4 fluid ounces.

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