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2 Hour Video Conference with Dr. Karen Leggett

2 Hour Video Conference with Dr. Karen Leggett

$ 997.00

Personal Phone Consultation / Video Conference                           


  1. Extensive Questionnaire with PreConference review by Dr Karen
  2. 1-hour Video Conference
  3. Two - 30 minute follow-up video conferences with Dr. Karen set at times specific for your needs.


Some common questions answered:

Q: I assume the comprehensive [ZRT] test would be helpful to the consultation.  Would she go over the results with me?

A: Yes, indeed that is part of the consult.  Once you schedule a consult, we send you a link to a questionnaire that helps Dr. Karen understand your past medical history, social and family history, and your current situation.  We also recommend you have your testing done before your first call with Dr. Karen so the tests can be reviewed and a plan be made during the first call.

Q: Tell me more about the video conference - the first call we would have.  What all does it include?

A: During the first call, Dr. Karen often starts off with finding out what YOU want to address and accomplish in the first call.  Almost always, she has already made some form of plan based on the lab results and the answers to your questionnaire, but asking you specifically at the beginning of the call what YOU wish to have addressed assures a successful and productive visit together.

Labs almost always are reviewed and an immediate plan is designed.  The plan often includes things that you may begin doing, with additional tweaks and slight changes over the course of a month or two.  Sometimes Dr. Karen will ask you to write to her in between calls to tell her of changes or feelings you are having before the second call to assure things are going as planned.

The second call is a general follow-up call for tweaking the original plan and advancing it, cutting back on it, or changing it based on your results, what is working and not working for you as an individual at that particular time in your life.

The third call is often (but not always) looking at repeat labs, so often takes place about 3-4 months out from the first call.  This is not always the case, but tends to occur frequently.

Q: Does she have a supplement protocol she gives? 

A: Sometimes supplements are recommended, and though she does recommend Designs for Health products - because she knows these products well - she also often works with all reputable brands, based on the clients desires and access to their favorite brands.  There are many good brands available on the market today, and though she does not want her clients to pick up just any brand at a superstore, she is very open to using a combination or a particular brand of your choice.  Sometimes, Dr. Karen will have to look up the product you prefer, to give you her advice, but supplements are often secondary and an easy decision between the two of you.

Often there may be a few FOUNDATIONAL supplements based on a woman's individual needs and lifestyle that tend to be appropriate for most women, but as for an actual "protocol"... the answer is mostly "No."

Dr. Karen has no one protocol for every woman.  It has to be individualized.  That is the whole purpose of the private consult.  There is a lot to consider when recommending supplements.  Everything in the plan has to be affordable and sustainable.  So protocols and a lot of supplements is not Dr. Karen's typical method at all. 

Q: Does she tailor it to your specific needs/problems?  Does she use a certain brand name?

A: 100% tailored.

Q: What is the average cost of the supplements she recommends?

A: There is no average cost at all.  Sometimes she doesn't recommend any supplements, and sometimes she recommends 5 supplements, or whatever is needed.  What is KEY is that she works with you on what you are going to STICK with and be able to ENJOY taking.  She works with what is MOST important at that time... and tweaking things as needed.

Dr. Karen herself uses many supplements.  Some she uses religiously like Magnesium, and Foundational supplements - like multi-vitamin, omegas, additional Vitamin D3, amino acids, CoQ10 and Turmeric - these are her basics for herself.  But she works with women on an individual basis and discusses their specific issues.

For instance, for women who have replaced their Progesterone and who also have adequate magnesium - but STILL have sleeping difficulties - she often recommends CBD before bed.

So... there is a step-wise progression of recommendations.  Start with the basics and go from there.  Some women are beyond basics by the time they get to her.  Others want to start from scratch.  So that plays a factor as well in her recommendations.

Also, most importantly, Dr. Karen and YOU are a TEAM.  This is a full team approach.  She wants YOU to be open and honest with what you think will and will not work for you.  Dr. Karen wants the plan to work FOR you - and agree with you - and be sustainable for you.  Without that, she can't do what she does best!  And that is helping you create the plan that is going to get you feeling your best and staying your best!

Q: What is the continued plan after the two 30-minute conference calls?

A: Generally what happens is you are ready to be on your own with a working plan after you have completed the two follow-up calls.  If that isn't the case, she offers additional follow-up appointments which are $250.00 per half hour consult.  Often women are ready to continue on their plan without additional help or follow-up for six months, 12 months later, or more!