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Bioidentical Hormones: You Have to Be Your Own Advocate!

There is a dangerous trend most midlife women are making that keep them struggling through midlife with many frustrating symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia, weight gain, and irritability while increasing their risk of breast cancer and literally causing rapid aging and a slew of health problems.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, these women often give up on their dreams, passions and goals. The ripple effects of that is mind boggling to me. It changes their whole future and the lives of their families as well.

What is this dangerous trend?

It is listening to a conventional Primary Care Physician or Gynecologist who has no knowledge or advanced training in hormones, Functional Medicine or Anti-aging medicine.

Why is that a problem? We should be able to trust our doctors right?

The 3 truths that make it difficult & dangerous to be a midlife woman

1. Even though Anti-aging medicine is the fastest growing specialty field in medicine today, there are still few in number with most located in larger cities or affluent areas. So, this means that many women don’t have access to a good Anti-aging doctor.

2. The second truth is that other than a few basic things like your yearly physical, mammogram and pap smear, insurance companies won’t cover preventive care. And since Anti-aging medicine is considered a preventive service, insurance companies refuse to pay for the services. Therefore, Antiaging and Functional Medical physicians rarely accept insurance. This also makes it difficult for many women to have access to these advanced types of medical care.

3. The 3rd truth is that doctors who are not trained in Anti-aging medicine are not informed or up to date with the facts that are the primary focus of Anti-aging medicine such as hormones, metabolism, energy producing functions of the body, gut health, adrenal fatigue and weight loss. You wouldn’t want me to take out your appendix or do a Heart Cath on someone you know, right? I wouldn’t have a clue how to do that.

In the same way, conventional doctors simply don’t understand the intricacies of weight loss and hormones, and often end up being perpetrators of misinformation to women who need guidance. This leaves women misdirected and lacking
in the care they need. Medicine is a vast subject made up of many specialty fields, and Anti-aging medicine, which includes weight loss and hormonal balance, is the fastest growing specialty field in medicine today. But it isn’t taught in medical school.

There are courses starting to spring up now in medical school, but back in the 90’s when I was in school, our nutrition course consisted of RDA needs being managed with a bowl of cereal every day. And that’s no joke.

Doctors can only diagnose what they know exists and have had exposure to learn. Doctors can only treat what they understand. And finally, doctors are just like everyone else… we seek knowledge on topics of our own interests.

But YOU are going to know the truth about weight loss AND hormones from an experienced Anti-aging physician who is also very conservative, ME!

Questions? Ask away!

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