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Women's Midlife Specialist Upcoming Events, Products and News


You asked for it and we’re going to Give it to You! 

We’ve got Workshops!  Webinars!  Booklets!  Bonuses! 

And even a Half Day LIVE Virtual Event ALL Coming to You over the next 12 Months!

AND… we have another BIG Surprise for You too! 

Over the last year, so many of you have asked me for specific recommendations for the right supplements to support your Hormones and Health, so we have committed to providing you with the highest quality supplements you can purchase from any Pharmacy or Physician’s office in the entire United States, at a savings no one will be able to match!

This year it’s about Helping You Lose Weight, Restore Your Sleep, Stop Hot Flashes, Get Energized, Boost Your Libido, and Be True to Yourself!   

Complete Hormone Health!

So, stay tuned!  Don’t touch that dial!  It’s ALL coming your way!

With Love and Appreciation,


To assure You have everything you need to succeed, I have worked passionately with a Functional Nutritionist, Chiropractor who specializes in Functional Nutrition, and a Master Herbalist to design Professional Grade Supplements specifically for US as midlife women! 

After interviewing a half dozen Pharmaceutical grade supplement manufacturers in the United States and I have connected with one of the highest-grade supplement manufacturers who leads the industry with bioavailable formulas for superior absorption. 

And as you may know… I am always looking to make my next Quantum Leap and bring you alongside me! 

With every New Height I set out to achieve, there are 3 Key Features that must be included in the Process:

  1. It must be Achievable in the Fastest and Easiest Way Humanly possible!
  1. Quality is critical! Any Supplement I create, must be of the highest quality ingredients available, and manufactured under FDA regulated CGMP, Current Good Manufacturing Practices.
  1. Value must be unsurpassable. My hard-earned dollar has to be used in the wisest fashion possible.  Value is an absolute necessity.  And this is MY Promise to You!  We will always strive to offer You the Highest quality at the Lowest Cost Anywhere!

The Best Foundational Dietary Supplement Program in the World!

Introducing Savvy Sisters Super Support

This is the MOST Comprehensive Full Foundational Dietary Supplement Program at the most affordable cost anywhere!  And it comes neatly packaged for You in two small, easy to carry packets … one for morning and one for evening!

Introducing “Savvy Sister’s Super Support” – Your Full Nutritional Foundation for Head to Toe Strength, Supporting Hormone, Immune and Brain Function!

Sneak Peak NEXT …. “Sassy Locks”!