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Vaginal Dryness: How to Use Happy Hoo Hoo

How to Use Happy Hoo Hoo

DHEA and Progesterone in an Amazing Organic Suppository!

Happy Hoo Hoo contains two types of bioidentical hormones: DHEA and Progesterone, both of which are bioidentical, USP, Non-GMO and yam-sourced (not from soy).  We provide 16 to a pack! That's enough for a whole month of initial treatment, or enough for up to two or three months thereafter!

Each intravaginal suppository contains 5mg of DHEA and 10mg of Progesterone.  Follow the directions and you'll be well on your way to healther, happier Hoo Hoo.

We're proud of our ingredients: USP DHEA (Yam Source), USP Progesterone (Yam Source), and Triglycerides of Saturated Fatty Acids

There are NO unwanted ingredients in Happy Hoo Hoo, just bioidentical hormones and natural fatty acids!

The Happy Hoo Hoo is a scientifically backed, bioidentical USP DHEA and USP Progesterone Vaginal suppository that helps restore dry Vaginal tissue to its healthy Youthful state. The Happy Hoo Hoo is natural and organically derived from Yam, and contains no Soy products. It is Vegan and contains no preservatives, synthetics, parabens, phthalates or other endocrine-disrupting chemicals. It comes in a suppository form and is messFREE with no “need-to-clean” applicators.

In fact, The Happy Hoo Hoo is so amazingly absorbed by the vaginal tissues, you can actually use it in the morning without leakage during the day! There is no other suppository available on the market with both USP DHEA and USP Progesterone that is available without a prescription!

When you first start off using the Happy Hoo Hoo, you should plan to use one suppository 4 times a week. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are great days to plan to use your Happy Hoo Hoo. Another easy-to-remember schedule is Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday! Any days of the week are fine!

The important thing is to BE CONSISTENT! One package of Happy Hoo Hoo has 16 suppositories; therefore, one package will last one month when you are using four suppositories per week. This is the appropriate amount to use when you are first starting out and initially healing your vaginal tissues. One of the key points to understand when it comes to frequency of Vaginal suppository usage is to understand that each woman has a different “degree” of Vaginal Dryness.

Many women with Vaginal Atrophy suffer in silence, avoiding intercourse. Some women even avoid seeing their doctors for fear of pain associated with a physical exam. In fact, less than 25% of women with Vaginal Atrophy will talk to their doctors about this problem.

The longer you wait to restore your Vaginal Tissues, the longer it takes to be FREE of vaginal dryness. The good news is that it is “fixable” AND you will notice improvement all along the way! Now is the best time to start! The best way to find your exact need is to start by using the Happy Hoo Hoo four times per week for at least one or two months before reducing your frequency.

You will feel an amazing difference! At that point, decrease your usage to three times per week for one month. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are good days to remember when you are on a “three days per week” program. If you are happy with how you feel with three days per week usage, it is reasonable to decrease your frequency to twice a week and then monitor how you feel. Mondays and Thursdays are good days to remember to use the Happy Hoo Hoo when you are on a “two days per week” program. Many women prefer to stay on 3-4 suppositories per week because they notice an “almost immediate” improvement of how they feel “down there.” Going from dry to mildly moist feels great and you will want to feel this all day long! Other women feel they need only 2-3 suppositories per week.

You will find the perfect frequency for You by following these guides. Be patient with yourself. If dryness returns, increase back to the previous amount per week. Here’s more good news! I am so confident that the Happy Hoo Hoo will help You that I am offering you a Money Back Guarantee (minus shipping expenses) if you find the Happy Hoo Hoo does not significantly improve your Vaginal Tissue health after using the full recommended dosage of 4 suppositories per week for 60 days! I only ask that you fill out a Customer Return Questionnaire.



Please also check out other Young Hormones Products! Each Young Hormones product has been carefully designed and made with love and consideration for the perfect hormonal balance for women. Congratulations! You are about to regain your true spirit and youthfulness! Our Physical, Emotional and Sexual Health are all important aspects of our life and relationships! I am so happy you found the Happy Hoo Hoo and the Women’s Midlife Specialist!