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"I just ordered my second bottle of Hormone Protect. It has been a life saver for me and those around me lol. Thank You!"

- D.J.


"This is my first reorder of your product. I can't even begin to tell you how much this has changed my life. I've suffered from extreme hot flashes for over seven years. I have used hormone replacement, bioidenticals, essential oils, vitamin supplements to no avail. Your product has cut down my flashes to about one short flash, as opposed to eight completely soaked flashes per day. THANK YOU!!!!!"

- N.A.


"Yes, and may l say that I SLEPT THE ENTIRE NIGHT THROUGH AGAIN! I feel human again.  l have tried OTC progesterone cream and it did not work like your Young Hormones Hormone Support. Thank you again.  "


"Thank you - we have been waiting for you."

- A.F.


"Thank you for creating this!!!"

- V.C


"OK, I have been on Hormone Heaven for 18 days and here is what has happened. Starting on day 10, I no longer have experienced the chills that hurt down to my bones at night..YAY! At that same time, my night sweats were not as in amount I sweated. They still came every 2 hours. By day 14, I only had 3 at night with mild sweating. Last night, day 17, NO sweating, 2 times I felt warm for 30 seconds and that's it. I did wake up from 3-4:45 for no reason. My energy level Is up, and my food cravings are down. So far, Hormone Heaven has dramatically helped me!!! I am truly thankful to you! I hope more women find you so they too can get the help they need! Blessings to you & yours Dr. Leggett!

- S.M., Utopia TX


"Since I started Hormone Heaven I have wiped all but sleep problems off the list, but that is unrelated, I am a Happy Camper."

- L.G. 


"Wow. 'Elegant' is an understatement! Hormone Heaven is so incredibly smooth and absorbs almost instantly. It makes the cream I used to use seem like sticky paste!"

- Cindy G., NJ


"I have been using the cream since Wednesday and in such a very short time the aches and pains have almost disappeared and I feel my energy coming back.

- S.A.


"Dr. Leggett I just had to stop for a moment and just say THANK YOU, for giving me my life back. Over the weekend my husband and I celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary and after the hormones my life is being restored day by day and I could not be happier. If I could see you I would give you a giant hug. Love my hormones I finally feel like me. Just a few of the benefits I have experienced in such a short time. No body aches, I thought I was developing some sort of Rheumatoid Arthritis, my sex drive had all but died and we have always been so close our whole lives, this weekend we were like 20 year olds. My moods are so much better, almost no anxiety (this is awesome) I just cannot thank you enough!!!!! I am sure that 5 years from now you will have a million of these emails and I will still be around to watch your success. Please keep doing what you are doing and I will still be a spokesperson for your wonderful products...Sorry for the lengthy message I know you are a busy lady but my husband wanted to thank you as well....LOL Have a great day!!!!!!"

- S.C.A., KY


"Love it. I do not have to wait 20 minutes to get
dressed after I put it on. This is truly the most
amazing cream I have ever tried and I have
tried quite a few!"

- K.R., FL


"I haven't slept like this in a while w/o a sleep aid. Ahhhhhh!"

- M.M., Sarasota FL


"I'm using the hormone support and it has worked wonders for me. I had a total hysterectomy in 2013. Can't wait for the new stuff. (Happy Hoo Hoo) Thank you!"

- V.B., Lawton OK


I absolutely love mine!! Completely different from any other progesterone I have ever used. I wish I had this product 15 years ago instead of suffering through so many scary medical conditions. Oddly enough, about 6 weeks after I started using, I had some breakthrough bleeding which I read occurs when your receptors "wake up". I completely knew what that meant because of your videos!! I am amazed at how quickly my body started to respond! I have so many wonderful things to say, but I don't want to sound too much like a commercial. Lol.. I am blessed to have your products! As a 48 year old busy lady, I am thriving and sleeping much better! Love. Love. Love.

- C.K.


Well I just woke up, 9 and half hours. Soooo nice to get that again. I noticed that difference first day!!☺☺☺💙💙💙

- M.M.


"...I did start the Young Hormones the day after I did the test and I'm feeling so much better and I have lost 10 lbs and don't have food cravings or midnight snacking anymore. Thank you again for being there for us. [Friend's name] and I are looking forward to taking our lives back.

- D.E.


"I started my hormone heaven first part of July. I stopped mood swinging, stopped hot flashing, and started feeling like my self again. It is hard to explain the changes you go through after a complete hysterectomy, and your doctor weans you off your hormones, telling you, you don't need them any more. I do, i did. And now I feel great.

- D.W.


"From day one started sleeping better. I have more energy throughout the day, whether it's from the sleep or just more energy. Unfortunately, I started having hot flashes, where I was not having them. So tweaking dosage until we get that figured out. I was having chronic headaches at work, that has stopped about the same time I started BHT. So, so far, so good. :)."

- M.M.


"You are absolutely an Awesome Woman, Dr. Karen Leggett. Thank you for helping us Women."

- P.N.


"Thank you so much being so responsive and for addressing this issue. Your site and Facebook are really wonderful and so educational! 

- A.V.




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