Choosing and Using the Right Product

There are two areas on this page. The first area is how to choose if you are not going to test your hormones before starting use.  Further down the page is the second area for those who test first and come back here to figure usage based on the test results.


If you'd like to watch a couple short videos that further explain the charts below, go here:
Choosing the Right Product (Video)


How to choose if you DON'T test your hormone levels:

The chart below is designed to help you pick the right product based on where you are relative to menopause:

1. Choose the product column for you based on Life Stage and where you are Relative to Menopause.

2. Find the suggested Amount and Frequency based on your age or menses.

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    How to choose if you DO test your hormone levels and have the results: 

    The general idea is to try to keep one's hormone levels close to where they were around the age of 30.  For most women, that means keeping the Estradiol (E2) between 2.0 and 3.3, and keeping the Progesterone-to-Estradiol Ratio (Pg/E2) between 100 and 500.

    In the first chart below, use your test results (lab values) to determine the right product(s) to use and the amounts to use each day:

    1. Choose Section 1 or 2 based on your menopause stage. Stay in that section.

    2. Start in column 1 and find all rows that match your E2 value.

    3. Go to column 2 and find your Pg/E2 ratio to narrow it down to one row.

    4. Read columns 3 and 4 of that row for amounts and product(s).

    5. Lastly, go down to the smaller second chart to figure which days of your cycle to use the product(s).

     Don't forget this step!   ↓↓↓

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