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Your Virtual Consult by Dr. Karen Leggett specifically Catered to You

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Your Virtual Consult by Dr. Karen Leggett specifically Catered to You

May 16, 2019

I am HUMBLED by so many NEW people coming to our Website and following us on Facebook.

It is my HONOR to serve you, and while I am at the A4M (American Academy of AntiAging) conference today in Orlando - right now taking a break... I sit here quietly and think about how I got here.

I am always trying to listen to what you are telling me. And over the years I have heard so many of you asking for help with getting through the tough times during Midlife.

When I set out to help women balance their hormones with the highest quality, over the counter hormones available in the World... I had to really think about how to save you money at the same time is never sacrifice quality.

I created charts on our website that help you choose the right Young Hormones Product for your "Life-Stage" for all of you who really couldn't either afford to currently test, or for those who simply needed to start something right away.

However... I really Prefer that EVERYONE test!

AND... I am sure many of you wish you could speak with me PERSONALLY. I UNDERSTAND. I really do!

Since the beginning of the Women's Midlife Specialist, we have been working on providing you affordable testing. And what we have come up with is a partnership with ZRT to provide Our Specialty Hormone Testing that we are calling AccuMAP-5.

PLUS MORE! I really wanted to give you an opportunity to work with me personally and get my Personal Recommendations.

I am well aware of my own time restrictions and capabilities and so I came up with the VIRTUAL CONSULT Idea at $100 SAVINGS!

This allows me to review your AccuMAP-5 Lab values and the answers to the questions in the hormone kit, and present you with a Personalized Plan of Young Hormone Creams and make supplements recommendations to address your most disturbing symptoms.

I HOPE you take me up on my offer! For all you Newbies! This is your opportunity. Those of you who have been following Women's Midlife Specialist know that I have only offered a special once before... over a year ago! (And I certainly don't know when the next time will come, if ever.)

So if you have been thinking that you need to find out how to do something about hormone imbalances, this is the perfect opportunity to jump on board!

Or if you are one of our Newbie Savvy Sisters - WELCOME! Know that I am here for you and ready to get you going in the right direction, so you can start living the life you imagined as a younger woman.

Today we opened this amazing special!

Check it out here!

For the next few days... when you purchase an AccuMap-5 test kit, you also have the opportunity to hand over all your worries about understanding your test results when they return... by purchasing my NEW VIRTUAL CONSULT!

At HALF OFF, you will receive my PERSONAL recommendations on how to balance your hormones and restore them to more youthful levels safely and effectively -

Your Virtual Consult by me will be specifically catered to You through Your Test Results and Hormone Questionnaire.

Go ahead! Take this rare opportunity.

It's time to take just ONE SMALL STEP TOWARD Hormone Balance. This may just end up being one of the biggest quantum leaps you've made in a long time.

Questions? Ask away!

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