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Your body can STILL make hormones AFTER menopause. Learn How.

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Your body can STILL make hormones AFTER menopause. Learn How.

We Discovered that our body can STILL make hormones AFTER menopause by converting Cholesterol to PREGNENOLONE!

These cells don't make as MUCH as our Ovaries made before menopause... but they still make it! And apparently they don't HAVE to make as much because when it is all said and done, the PURPOSE for LOCAL cells to make Sex Hormones is NOT to transfer these hormones into the blood stream for Systemic Effects...

No they don't NEED to make as much as the Ovaries once made because their purpose is different than the Ovaries! The PURPOSE is to make hormones for their OWN use LOCALLY in that particular tissue!

This tells us that hormones are really important for our cells and organs if THEY too have the ability to make Hormones LOCALLY - IN and FOR their own tissues!

So fantastic!

Then the NEXT question that was on my mind was... and if you're following along, I kind of told you the answer to this already... Do ALL cells in the body have this ability? Can they ALL make Sex Hormones in the Hormone Cascade from Precursor Hormones?

And MOST importantly - when it comes to the Happy Hoo Hoo... CAN THE VAGINA Make Hormones In Its Own Vaginal Tissues????


Well... the answer is... ONLY CERTAIN CELLS in the body have this capability. They have to have special Protein type cells and Enzymes that initiate the process and carry it forward.

And YES! Guess which Tissues in Our Beautiful Bodies Have This Capability?

Yep! You guessed it! The V-A-G-I-N-A!


Questions? Ask away!

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