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Why Your Conventional Doctor Doesn’t Know About Bioidentical Hormones and How That Puts You in Danger

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Why Your Conventional Doctor Doesn’t Know About Bioidentical Hormones and How That Puts You in Danger

If you are in the mindset of slowing down the aging process, you need to start right now.  Hormones play a large role in the aging process, and between the ages of 35 and 50 years old, your sex hormones decline by 50-75%.  A century ago, this didn’t matter because we basically went through menopause and then died.  But this has changed!  Our life expectancy has grown by 30 years in the last century, which means we have the opportunity to live a vibrant life for 30 or more additional years past menopause! 

Let’s think about what this really means for you.  If you consider yourself an adult at 18 years old, you will live about 32 adult years before you are expected to go through menopause.  Now with a life expectancy of 83 years, you will be living the same number of adult life years after menopause that you lived before menopause.  If you are imagining yourself to be strong, vibrant and energetic long after menopause, understanding your safe and effective options to help you achieve this goal has never been more important. 

Thanks to a growing group of maverick medical doctors leading the way in Integrative Medicine, Bioidentical Hormones have been a successful part of menopause treatment and Anti-Aging therapy for over 30 years, and have been a Godsend to hundreds of thousands of men and women, improving their quality of life and helping them age more slowly and gracefully. In addition, Bioidentical Hormones have reduced heart disease, bone loss, and memory decline, without increasing the risk of breast cancer associated with synthetic pharmaceutical hormone replacement therapy. 

Keep reading. The information presented here is valuable knowledge you cannot afford to lack.   In addition to obtaining specialized care from an Integrative Medical Doctor, you now have more options than ever before with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement available right over the counter. 

With the final conclusions of the Women’s Health Initiative, the largest women’s hormone study in the United States, the previous 30 plus years of research was confirmed. 

Estrogen does not increase a woman’s risk of breast cancer in most women.(1)

Most women are perfect candidates for Bioidentical Hormones, and when used topically, are the safest form of hormone supplementation, offering equally effective replacement therapy helping prevent the rapid aging that occurs once menopause has taken place.

Unfortunately, conventional medical training focuses on pharmaceutical treatment of medical illness and conditions and provides no training in natural treatments including lacking training in natural Bioidentical Hormone replacement therapy.  Conventional medicine and the doctors it produces is controlled and run by pharmaceutical and insurance giants, pulling most of the strings with their ddeep pockets and powerful lobbying efforts.  And because the vast majority of patients actually prefer a prescribed pill over prevention, and to use their insurance over paying cash for natural treatments, this monstrous medical business structure is highly successful. 

In addition to these basic facts, there is no better medicine for serious acute life-threatening illness when a person cannot breathe, are having a heart attack, stroke, and many other medical illnesses requiring urgent and emergent medical care or surgeries to save their life.  And for this reason alone, conventional medicine will always be the most critical lifesaving acute form of medicine. 

There is even more to consider when comparing conventional medicine with natural medicine.  New medical school graduates undergo additional 4 plus years of residency and fellowship training that is “on the job” training, providing them with the deepest understanding of the human body than any other form of training that provides a title of “Dr” including Naturopathic doctors and Chiropractic doctors.  Only Medical doctors, those who have completed training in an Allopathic Medical School obtaining the “MD” degree, or medical doctors who have completed training in an Osteopathic Medical School obtaining the “DO” degree, are fully licensed physicians in all states and allowed to prescribe medications.

For all of these reasons, conventional medicine will always be the most powerful society within the different forms of medicine.  We need conventional medicine.

However, we also need Naturopathic medicine.   There are many conditions that respond well to natural treatments such as early onset high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis that has not deteriorated to the point of needing surgery, obesity, and even early diabetes that can be controlled with diet and exercise. However, Naturopathic physicians are constrained by their lack of post graduate residency and fellowship “on the job” training, as well as their inability to prescribe medication for more serious cases while they are working to achieve success with a natural treatment.  Naturopathic physicians are also not covered by insurances. 

Now let’s look at where the natural process of aging fits into this picture.  Menopause is a natural process of life.  It isn’t a disease state.  It can cause disease, and hasten serious medical conditions such as heart disease, osteoporosis and memory decline, but in and of itself it is not a disease state.  And for this reason, the aging process has fallen through the cracks and left most people without a good plan for “Anti-Aging.”

This is where Integrative medical doctors have taken the lead.  Integrative medical doctors are licensed MD’s or DO’s who have moved further into additional training to master the safest ways to optimize health and slow down the aging process.  Natural Bioidentical Hormones as well as specific nutritional treatments and comprehensive exercise programs make up the bulk of this form of preventive medicine.  MD’s and DO’s, who “think out of the box” are best suited to take the lead in Integrative Medicine because they must first get through 12 years of college, medical school, residency and fellowship before they can even begin their training in this newest, and fastest growing, form of medicine being called Functional Medicine.  Functional Medicine offers us the most comprehensive form of medicine in the World while addresses prevention and integrating both conventional and natural forms of medicine. 

This is exactly why Functional Medicine has become a threat to Conventional Medicine.

For the first time, Conventional Medicine is being challenged by its true peers.  Now the fastest growing specialty in the World, Functional medicine is changing the way people are cared for.  Though most research is still controlled by the Pharmaceutical giants, more and more research is being done on natural treatments.  And though there are no head to head studies on Natural Bioidentical Hormones with Pharmaceutical Hormone Replacement therapy, the largest study to date on Pharmaceutical Hormone Replacement therapy proved that Estrogen was not associated with any higher risk of breast cancer, and in fact was associated with 23% lower rates of breast cancer compared to women who took placebo (did not take any hormones at all).  In addition to this wonderful news, among women who developed breast cancer, those taking estrogen were 63% less likely to die from breast cancer than non-estrogen users during 12 years of follow up. (1) (2)

Unfortunately, there are vast differences in knowledge, and interests, amongst physicians.  And many Conventional doctors are providing false and outdated information to their patients confusing them either further.  There is no explanation or excuse for this other than the fact that Conventional Medical Societies are not helping their Conventional doctors understand the research.  When the conclusions about Hormone Replacement Therapy were announced in 2006, they made little effort to get this information to doctors or to the people.  Meanwhile pharmaceutical giants have revved up their Premarin production and expanded their horse farms to produce urine for the manufacture of Premarin.

It doesn’t stop there. 

During the years of examination of the Women’s Health Initiative, as Estrogen was given a reprieve, the Synthetic ProgesTIN was discovered to be the very instigator of increasing a woman’s risk of breast cancer.  ProgesTIN is a pharmaceutical chemical made to counteract the effects of Estrogen which is needed to maintain a balance of the Estrogens in the body.  Unfortunately, this synthetic chemical has been the culprit of the breast cancer cases associated with synthetic Hormone Replacement.

Functional Medical Doctors have been warning their Conventional Medical colleagues of ProgesTINS for 30 years.  Natural Bioidentical Hormones have never contained synthetic ProgesTINS.  They have always contained natural ProgesterONE, the TRUE balancing hormone to Estrogen.

This is a huge threat to Pharmaceutical companies.  And any threat to Pharmaceutical power, is a threat to Conventional medicine.  Conventional medicine has never wanted to share the limelight with any other form of medicine and enjoys the power of numbers and supportive monies for needed research.  However, this time, with natural Bioidentical Hormones, Conventional medicine is being challenged by their own peers.  Famous spokesperson Suzanne Somers is helping inform the public and help Physicians who are brave and strong enough to move out of their confined narrow angled practice and join the Functional Medicine movement.  And little by little, more and more women are speaking out, asking questions, and asking about natural Bioidentical Hormones.

I hope this article helps you understand the complexity of how and why your Conventional Medical Doctor doesn’t understand or know about natural therapies, including Bioidentical Hormones.  I am happy you found me and have embarked on a journey of life long health and vitality.

With Young Hormones, you can now take control of your own hormone health and rest assured that you are doing so with the highest quality of Bioidentical Hormones available in the World.

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