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Why are Women More Likely to Develop Dementia than Men?

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Why are Women More Likely to Develop Dementia than Men?
Did you know that by virtue of being a woman, we are 50 percent MORE likely to develop dementia over our lifetime than men are?

We don’t know why this happens… but I can tell you… that number scares me. So, we need to know and do every possible thing we can do to prevent dementia.

Why are women more likely to develop dementia than men?

We don't fully understand why women are more likely to develop Alzheimer's disease than men, but one of the main theories is to do with the hormone estrogen.

While both men and women produce estrogen, it’s the main female sex hormone and so women usually have more of it.

When women go through menopause, their bodies stop producing as much estrogen.

On the other hand, men continue to produce testosterone, the male sex hormone, throughout their lives. Testosterone is actually converted into estrogen inside brain cells. This means that women who have been through menopause have lower levels of estrogen in their brain than men of the same age.

As Alzheimer's disease is more common in women after menopause, it is possible that estrogen plays a role in protecting the brain from the damage caused by Alzheimer’s, and that this protective effect is lost when estrogen levels are decreased.

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