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Why are we so Addicted to Sugar?

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Why are we so Addicted to Sugar?

And you know it! You wouldn't allow yourself to get addicted to opioids, right? Well... sugar is very similar to opioids! Wonder how that could be?

Well, first of all, it's not just sweet "sugar"! It's any food that quickly breaks down into sugars such as breads, and pastas. And did you also know these types of foods break down even faster than a chocolate candy bar!

When you eat these types of carbohydrates, Your Pancreas puts out higher than normal doses of Insulin. This insulin causes your body to hold on to fat, while it shuffles the sugar into your muscle cells where your muscles use the sugar for energy production.

However, this sugar also attaches to receptor sites in Your BRAIN that are very similar to Opioid-like receptor sites! When the sugar attaches to these Opioid-like receptors, your brain releases Dopamine - a Neurotransmitter / Brain Hormone - that plays a major role in allowing you to feel PLEASURE.

And through this Pleasure Hormone... Dopamine... you are driven to eat more and more sugar, bread and pasta - so you can experience even MORE Pleasure!

That is a true dangerous situation! And a common reason people go back to sugar and breads and pastas as comfort foods when they feel down or defeated!

Fortunately you CAN break the sugar addiction! It's not easy, but I promise its possible! It takes about 21 days! 21 days... 3 weeks. Less than a month - out of your life.

Here's How: It's straight forward - black and white:

Eliminate sugar, breads, pastas, and all foods that are high glycemic foods for just 21 days - and you will find that you have Kicked the Sugar Habit!

But be AWARE... You aren't out of the woods yet! If you cheat... and fall backwards, you can easily fall prey to the Sugar Addiction again!

The longer you are able to keep Sugar, Breads and Pasta out of your diet, the easier it becomes. I promise!

Now tell me... am I right? Have you experienced this? Have you fallen prey and become addicted again? Have you then jumped back up and tried again?

Questions? Ask away!

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