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Why a Blood Test will NOT properly measure Hormone Levels

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Why a Blood Test will NOT properly measure Hormone Levels

This is VENOUS Blood. NOT the test you want to get for your hormone levels!

Venous blood will NOT properly measure Hormone levels in the blood if you are using TOPICAL hormones. PLEASE know this!

TOPICAL hormones are the SAFEST way to use Bioidentical Hormones.

TOPICAL hormones are NOT processed through the liver.

TOPICAL hormones do NOT increase risk of blood clot, stroke or increase your blood pressure like ORAL hormones do.

Topical hormones travel MOSTLY in the LYMPH system. Hormones in the Lymph system are measured in SALIVA and CAPILLARY blood and therefore by Saliva testing OR by Finger Stick Blood Spot.

Please don't get Venous blood testing if you want to use topical hormones. It won't help you and will just waste your money. And... as you have heard from your doctor... is not accurate. 

Please know the difference and get the proper testing. Your Conventional doctor has been taught that Venous blood testing is very difficult to read and varies greatly from day to day. But what your Conventional doctor has NOT been taught - is that there IS a way to monitor your hormone levels when you use Topical Bioidentical Hormones. 

Your Conventional physician would need to get training in Functional Medicine before they would be exposed to this knowledge. This is improving in the medical community... but we are still a long way off.

Questions? Ask away!

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