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Which Natural Bioidentical Hormone Cream is Best for You?

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Which Natural Bioidentical Hormone Cream is Best for You?
Hormone Heaven vs Hormone Support
Hormone Heaven is wonderful for women even past 10 years if they’re not overweight and are properly metabolizing their estrogens.
If you have not tested, here is more specifics on how to choose your cream when you are getting closer to the "10 year mark" after menopause.
Hormone Heaven has two types of estrogens in it plus progesterone.
If you are an average sized woman or thinner, and have a good diet, without excessive alcohol (more than one glass per day), Hormone Heaven is likely great for you for as long as you desire.
If you are overweight or have a bad processed food diet or drink more than one glass of alcohol daily, Hormone Support is a better choice for you 10 years and beyond menopause.
This is because Hormone Support has only one form of Estrogen - called Estriol - which has no conversion to the other forms of estrogen and thus it does not have the same possible conversion to a metabolite that your body won't be able to metabolize properly if you aren't eating well, are drinking more alcohol than recommended as safe, and/or are overweight, as being overweight adds to the amount of estrogen your body makes on its own.
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