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Which is better? Topical DHEA or Oral DHEA?

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Which is better? Topical DHEA or Oral DHEA?

This is a really important question because there is a difference to what happens to the DHEA you take - depending on whether you take it BY MOUTH or whether you use a TOPICAL DHEA.

It's a little complicated - but important for you to know - because BOTH oral and topical DHEA have important points that you should know.

First know that when it comes to all ESTROGENS - they are best taken TOPICALLY. There is NO place for oral Estrogen unless you are actively hemorrhaging (vaginally) and in the hospital getting an IV infusion of Estrogen to stop the bleeding.

PROGESTERONE is BEST used TOPICALLY also because it is very short acting orally. BUT, if you take Progesterone Orally... it's okay! It won't cause a medical complication at all - and you're still safe - AS LONG AS IT'S BIOIDENTICAL PROGESTERONE (and not a synthetic ProgesTIN).

It's just important to make sure that if you are on any Estrogen, AND take an ORAL Progesterone at night, - then you should use a TOPICAL Progesterone in the morning - to prevent Estrogen dominance after the Oral Progesterone is cleared after 6-10 hours of taking it orally.

When it comes to DHEA now... another interesting story is important to understand! (Isn't this cool so far?!)

When the body makes DHEA (mostly in the Adrenal Glands), it is very quickly converted to a sulfated form of DHEA - called DHEAs. DHEAs is what we are actually measuring when we order labs - through blood OR through saliva.

Now... DHEAs is AMAZING for the entire body! And the effects it has is LONG ACTING. The protective effects to the immune system and the peripheral nervous system is LONG Acting.

Note that the PERIPHERAL Nervous System is the part of the nervous system that is NOT including the brain and spinal cord. The brain and spinal cord make up the CENTRAL Nervous System.

The CENTRAL Nervous System doesn't get ANY help from the DHEAs (sulfated DHEA) your body makes in the Adrenal Glands and is quickly sulfated in the liver. It also doesn't get any help for the ORAL DHEA you take.

WHY Not?

You see, when the DHEA is sulfated by the liver (very quickly as the Adrenal Glands make it - or if you swallow it), it becomes too large of a molecule to cross the Blood Brain Barrier.

This is what happens to ANY DHEA you take ORALLY. ORAL DHEA goes through the liver quickly and is SULFATED - quickly becoming too large of a molecule to get inside the brain and spinal cord.

Then you might ask… Then How does the Brain get DHEA?

Well, the Brain makes its OWN DHEA! AND… it stays DHEA! It does NOT get sulfated! The Brain and Spinal Cord need DHEA – NOT sulfated DHEA. BUT... unfortunately... just like your DHEA levels decline as we age in your blood stream, it is believed that the DHEA your Brain makes ALSO decreases.

So... HOW on EARTH can you get DHEA inside the BRAIN and Spinal Cord for this very critical part of your nervous system.


When you use TOPICAL DHEA, you get the benefits of getting DHEA across the Blood Brain Barrier to your VITAL Brain and Spinal Cord – PLUS you get the benefits of DHEA in the rest of your body too!


Questions? Ask away!

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