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What Your Doctor Will Offer When You Share Your Hormone Madness with Them

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What Your Doctor Will Offer When You Share Your Hormone Madness with Them

What Your Doctor Will Offer You When You Share Your Hormone Madness with Them

Hormone therapy is still the number one treatment for menopause and hormone imbalance whether you see your traditional doctor or an anti-aging/functional medical doctor. This is because not only is it the most successful therapy, the final decisions based on thousands of women PROVED that hormone therapy is safe for most healthy women.

Your doctor, assuming he or she is a standard conventional doctor, will likely offer you one of the following choices for prescribed hormone therapy.

If you still have a uterus, your doctor will offer you a combination of Estrogen and ProgesTIN (Recall that ProgesTINS are NOT the same as Bioidentical Progesterone). If you don’t have a uterus, it is likely your doctor will tell you that you do not need Progesterone or ProgesTIN. But this is DEAD wrong. There are over 200 other sites in your body that have ProgesterONE receptors, including your GUT, Brain, Liver and Kidneys!

After your Doctor UNWISELY decides whether or not you need Progesterone (for which they will prescribe synthetic ProgesTINS) one of the 4 following types of hormone therapies will be offered:

  1. Pills (Estrogen or Estrogen plus ProgesTIN) taken orally once daily
  2. Patch (Estrogen or Estrogen plus ProgesTINS) placed on your lower abdomen or back once or twice weekly
  3. Gel or Spray – Estrogen only applied to your arm or leg daily
  4. Vaginal Suppositories, Cream or “Ring” for Vaginal Health – Suppositories are used nightly for a week or 2 and then used inside the vagina 1-3 times weekly thereafter. The “Ring” is placed inside the vagina and left in place for 3 months

Starting with the first form of hormones, those taken orally by pill form, there is only one prescribed oral bioidentical estrogen called 17Beta-Estradiol. The rest are synthetic and sadly still being offered to women frequently.

All Estrogens and ProgesTINS taken ORALLY cause stress on the liver since they must be cleared through the liver. AND, though Estradiol (E2), has been cleared in all accusations of Estrogens causing Breast Cancer, if it is taken ORALLY, your risk of blood clot and stroke increases! Thus ORAL Estrogen is NOT the safest route of administration!

Oral ProgesTINS are even worse. They DO cause breast cancer, heart disease, stroke, blood clots, mood changes and dementia!

All in all, oral therapy should be dead. But it isn’t. In fact, this is still the most common offered treatment!

In addition to these complications, the combination of Estrogen / ProgesTIN ORAL pill causes the hormone receptor sites to become dependent on this form of treatment. Without it, women whose bodies get used to oral hormone therapy with ORAL Estrogen and ProgesTINS can have significant difficulty getting off of it, and suffer from hormone withdrawal symptoms requiring slow weaning off of these prescriptions. This is a dirty little secret of the oral hormone pharmaceuticals. Big Pharma just Love to get you hooked!

There IS ONE natural Progesterone, called Prometrium, that is available orally and is SAFE to take orally. You may recall that natural Bioidentical ProgesterONE has the opposite effects on the body than synthetic ProgesTINS.

While ProgesTINS, (synthetic), increase your risk of Breast Cancer, increase blood pressure, strokes and blood clots, Prometrium lowers blood pressure, decreases risk of stroke, and protects against breast cancer. Natural ProgesterONE acts in the complete opposite as the synthetic ProgesTINS that your doctor is most likely going to offer you. Another little factual tidbit is how ProgesTINS are toxic to unborn babies while natural ProgesterONE levels skyrocket and are the very hormone that maintains a healthy pregnancy. Get it?

One downfall to this Bioidentical Progesterone, Prometrium, is that it only lasts about 6-10 hours long. It is also only prescribed once a day, therefore you don’t get the benefits of this natural Progesterone all day and night. Without 24 hour Progesterone coverage, You are missing more than ½ of the day being protected from unopposed Estrogen (which is what causes Estrogen Dominance).

The next form of Estrogen available is by patch. The Estrogen patch does have a bioidentical Estrogen in it. And if you can get your conventional doctor to use this patch with oral Prometrium, for the Progesterone component, you would be as close as you can get to the best treatment short of Bioidentical Hormones Creams – like my line called Young Hormones.

Unfortunately, it is still not your best choice, not only due to the fact that Prometrium only lasts 6-10 hours, but also because the patch has only one form of Estrogen, Estradiol, E2. Estradiol (E2), is a much stronger Estrogen than Estriol (E3), and Estriol should be your primary form of Estrogen choice.

Popularity of the patch has started to pick up since the studies have shown the safety profile exceeds any oral Estrogen. The patch is absorbed directly through the skin, (as well as the gel), and therefore does not travel through the liver, or require processing by the liver. This is a great benefit over oral treatment. Also, the risk of stroke and blood clots is not elevated with the patch or topical treatments.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t leave it at that. A pharmaceutical company in its grand NON-wisdom, developed a patch that has bioidentical Estradiol(E2), (which is fair to good), stuck a synthetic ProgesTIN in it – (really bad), again ruining the opportunity to have a true Bioidentical Hormone treatment available through a conventional doctor. This has become an extremely common choice among conventional doctors. Patient beware.

The next topical hormones your conventional doctor may offer is Estradiol (E2) gel or spray mist. These are also Bioidentical and could be combined with Prometrium, for the Progesterone component. But unfortunately, again most doctors don’t use Prometrium, and therefore they tend to reserve Estrogen gels and mists for women they believe don’t need a Progesterone because they had their uterus out, failing to realize the 200 other sites in your body asking for ProgesterONE! And, just like the patch, again, this gel and mist form is also just one type of Estrogen and contains no Estriol (E3), our Safest Estrogen.

The final form of hormone treatment available by prescription are those inserted into the vagina.  There are creams, suppositories and rings.  There is great benefit in using vaginal applications of hormones in that it treats vaginal dryness extremely well.

There are 3 hormones that we know currently treat both vaginal dryness and help rebuild the tissue and elasticity of the vagina.  These three magnificent vaginal hormones are Estrogen, (both Estradiol (E2) and Estriol (E3), DHEA and Testosterone.  Estradiol comes in the form of suppositories, creams and rings.  Estriol (E3) can be made into creams and suppositories and have been found to be equally effective as Estradiol.  DHEA is available also by compounded and conventional treatment.  And Testosterone is usually prescribed only by functional medical physicians and made into creams or suppositories by compounding physicians.

And if you actually made it all the way down through this article... I have a big surprise to share!

We are bubbling up with excitement with our SOON TO BE RELEASED New and IMPROVED Vaginal suppositories, where you will get the benefits of both relieving vaginal dryness AND rejuvenating vaginal tissue and elasticity with our Over the Counter Happy Hoo Hoo!  Stay tuned!  The exciting day is right around the corner! 

WOW! This will make your head spin! So let me paraphrase everything and leave you with a simple straight forward “BEST Hormone Replacement Therapy”:

Use a Bioidentical Hormone Cream that has a mix of both Estradiol (E2) and Estriol (E3) AND ProgesterONE! With topical creams, you are not at increased risk of Breast Cancer,Heart Disease, Dementia, Stroke or Blood Clots! You will be using the most recommended treatment by Hormone Experts / Functional Anti-Aging Medical Doctors who have done extensive additional training in Hormone Replacement.

Young Hormones is my line of Organic, Topical, Bioidentical Hormones using USP Estriol (E3), Estradiol (E2), and Progesterone, all available over the counter at doses I have prescribed for 95% of my female patients for the past 17 years. I have designed them to be in perfect balanced harmony with one another. No guessing. No worry. No mess. No more questioning. It’s HERE! Check it out here!

Questions? Ask away!

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