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What is the future of COVID-19? And how will this pandemic be resolved?

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What is the future of COVID-19? And how will this pandemic be resolved?
There are 5 potential ways COVID-19, a completely NOVEL Pandemic Coronavirus, now affecting over 170 countries, will be defeated.
1. The first is something called “Herd Immunity”.
Herd Immunity occurs after large numbers of individuals have been exposed to COVID-19, providing their body with antibodies against this virus. When this occurs in a significantly high enough number of people, the threat for community transfer lessons to those who have not been infected by COVID-19.
Once you have had COVID-19, it is believed that you will develop a natural immunity against re-infection. This post-infectious immunity hasn’t completely been proven yet, but there hasn’t been reason to believe anything different at this point.
So, as the number of people who contract SARS-CoV-2, go thru the illness and develop antibodies, and those individuals no longer become sources of transmission.
We don’t know how long this will take, but it will be at least ONE way this pandemic will resolve.
Obviously, the bad side to this is that many individuals will have to suffer with the illness of COVID-19, including many who end up succumbing to the virus, before Herd Immunity can actually take place.
This is how the worst pandemic in history, the Spanish Flu in 1918, was finally controlled. Unfortunately, the Spanish Flu killed 50 million people worldwide.
2. The second way this pandemic can resolve is through Vaccination.
A race to a successful vaccine started 2 months ago, but we are still at least a year to a year and a half before a vaccine will be available. And this is with rushing and pushing things through more quickly than ever, at rapid speed.
Clinical trials are an absolute necessity, as vaccine trials in the past have caught detrimental health risks during trials of other vaccines. It would be catastrophic if this occurred with the future COVID-19 vaccine.
At least 35 companies and academic institutions are working to find a safe and effective vaccine. There are currently 4 potential vaccines being tested in animals at this time. Human clinical trials are also about to begin.
This is truly unprecedented.
So as far as vaccines go… it will certainly be of great help, but not for at least a year from now. Keep in mind that at that point in time, manufacture of the vaccine as well as distribution world-wide, will not happen overnight.
3. The third way this pandemic can resolve is through Pharmaceutical Medications.
Again, there are many companies around the globe working on potential medications to both treat and prevent COVID-19. Clinical trials with chloroquine and azithromycin are starting now.
Anti-viral medications used to treat HIV have already gone through clinical trials, though were unfortunately disappointing thus far.
I have applied for Leggett Medical Group, our medical practice, to be a part of a clinical trial for possibly myself… and for my 4 providers, because we are on the front line - taking care of patients, and indeed on the front line of the most vulnerable – elderly individuals in Skilled Nursing facilities and Assisted Living Facilities.
I say “possibly” for myself because although I am confident that I have done what I need nutritionally and hormonally for optimal immune function, I do have a tendency to burn the candle at both ends – simply due to my undying passion to get information and programs to you, care for patients, my family, and love for my work - beyond description. My drive keeps me up late at night and wakes me far earlier than it should, to maintain optimal immune function. (DO AS I SAY! NOT AS I DO!) 🤓.
In addition, this burning the candle at both ends, I also have fairly significant Bronchiectasis, that I developed when I was a hospitalist taking care of the sickest of the sick – patients on ventilators with extensive respiratory infections. I contracted a chronic respiratory infection from my work, and it did result in a compromise of about 1/3 of my lungs. (But I have no regrets, and no less passion to help others than I have always had.)
My decision to enter a clinical trial will have to be based on the level of exposure that my future may face. Currently we are doing quite well in Sarasota, FL. If I were a physician on the front line of New York, I would definitely enter a clinical trial. That is how serious I am taking this pandemic. I do not take antibiotics lightly, as the health of my GUT and it's microbiome is a critical part of my maintaining a strong Immune System.
I am against asking for a prescription from one of my providers for these medications, because these medications must be first distributed to the front-line health care workers in our most affected areas such as New York, as well as in other countries suffering worse than we are, such as Italy.
There has been no proof that these medications used prophylactically will prevent COVID-19 – yet – though it is interesting that Africa has a very low rate of COVID-19 transmission. Chloroquine, is a medication used to prevent Malaria and has widespread use in Africa. However, I also see another possible reason Africa has low transmission. You’ll read about this in number 4, below.
As for azithromycin, my understanding is that azithromycin has had some interesting anti-viral properties even though it is actually an antibiotic. But primarily, it is felt that azithromycin may be a helpful addition to Chloroquine by reducing the risk of a secondary bacterial pneumonia infection that seems to escalate in many cases of COVID-19 requiring hospitalization.
4. The fourth way this pandemic can at least get controlled TEMPORARILY is to hope that we see COVID-19 slow down during the summer months. Though the “seasonal” flu is still possible to get during the summer. The warm months do slow the seasonal flu transmission rate.
We can hope that this will prove true with SARS-CoV-2, so that we can get ahead of the curve in the manufacture of critical personal protection equipment with masks, eye shields, gowns and gloves, and cleaning supplies.
I personally believe this will happen and though there has not been a mention of this observation in the news, if you look at the numbers of cases in South America AND Africa - where they have just come out of the peak of summer (while we in the United States, China and Europe are coming out of winter) you will see much LOWER numbers. So, I am very hopeful of this happening here, in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, as we enter the warmer months.
This hopeful “slow-down” will give us another opportunity for ALL to do - right now – what we ALL should have been doing all along… something EXTREMELY important… BOOST IMMUNE FUNCTION!
I have been teaching how and why it is so important to boost immune function for decades and I believe even a slowdown during the summer months will give people an opportunity to focus on caring for themselves and their families by truly doing the simple things it takes to boost immune function.
Stay right here ladies… I’ll really help you do this NOW and in the future!
5. Finally, the last scenario is to realize that it isn’t likely that just one of the above four will occur by itself to control COVID-19 pandemic. The truth is, it will actually take ALL four of the above methods to truly control this pandemic for good.
I am confident that all four WILL occur. And I am confident that this great country, The United States of America, will be a great leader to help other countries in our magnificent World.
We all must come together and follow the advice and requirements our leaders ask of us, and stay patient, loving, and focused. I love you from the bottom of my heart and want only the best for you.
Please stay here and follow me as I continue to help you Balance Nutrition, Balance Hormones, and Balance GUT for an POWERFUL IMMUNE SYSTEM.

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