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What Happens if I have a Hysterectomy BEFORE Menopause?

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What Happens if I have a Hysterectomy  BEFORE Menopause?

Did you know that if you have a hysterectomy before menopause WITHOUT removal of your ovaries, you are expected to go through menopause at least 5 years before the average age at 52 years old?

Yes, if you have your uterus out, sparing your ovaries, the blood supply to your ovaries is reduced significantly because the Uterine artery that feeds and serves the uterus ALSO feed the ovaries. And when the blood supply is reduced, the life expectancy of that organ is reduced.

Fortunately, there is also an Ovarian Artery that helps feed the Ovary so that when the Uterine Artery is removed with the hysterectomy, there is still some blood flow to the ovaries.

Just be prepared to recognize the signs of menopause a good 5 years before you would normally expect to have them! And please, visit our free video library. There you will find short videos I created, that will help you to understand hormone imbalance and the simple way to balance them.

e a savvy sister....make midlife, your best life!!!


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