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What Causes Vaginal Dryness?

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What Causes Vaginal Dryness?
No woman should EVER suffer with vaginal dryness. We're living much longer than ever before! And it is so Simple and Safe to have a Healthy Happy Hoo Hoo! A moist Youthful vagina not only provides the basis of enjoyable intercourse with the Man You Love, but it is also HEALTHY! It helps strengthen the muscles in the Vagina decreasing Urinary leakage, and helps PREVENT Urinary Tract Infections. 

Midlife changes naturally bring about the drying of all of our skin, hair and nails. And our "little sister" down there is effected too. More than 50% of all midlife women suffer with a dry vagina, and it is thought that this number is actually closer to 75% because so many women keep it to themselves because they are either embarrassed to tell their doctor OR afraid there isn't a solution for them!

While the decrease in Estrogen levels during menopause cause vaginal dryness, here are 5 other reasons that it can occur in many other stages of life;

5 Things that can Cause Vaginal Dryness

  1. Changes in Hormones- Decrease of Estrogen levels during menopause.
  2. Stress- Psychological and emotional factors like stress and anxiety can also interfere with sexual desire and lead to vaginal dryness when normal vaginal lubrication does not occur
  3. Pregnancy and Childbirth- While a woman is pregnant and after she gives birth, she can experience fluctuating hormonal levels. Pregnancy and childbirth create imbalances in hormones.
  4. Medications– antihistamines effectively “dry” a person out, reducing all secretions. As a side effect will indiscriminately dry out other parts of the body, including the vaginal walls.
  5. Diabetes- Women with diabetes actually have a 33% increased incidence of vaginal dryness due to functional vascular changes and medications.

The strength and flexibility of our Vaginal Tissues is dependent on Healthy Youthful Levels of Hormones! Research has shown that aging tissue is completely restorable without increasing risk of female cancer. Many women with Vaginal Atrophy suffer in silence, avoiding intercourse. Some women even avoid seeing their doctors for fear of pain associated with a physical exam. In fact, less than 25% of women with Vaginal Atrophy will talk to their doctor about this problem. 

Decades of research have led doctors to use Estrogen suppositories and creams to help women maintain healthy vaginal tissues throughout their life. Estradiol (E2) Vaginal Cream such as Estrace are typically prescribed by Conventional Doctors and contain a form of Estrogen, called Estradiol or (E2). Research has shown that Estradiol vaginally is even safe for women who have early stage breast cancer because a little Estradiol is absorbed into the blood stream from the vagina. 

Because Vaginal Atrophy is a slow and progressive condition, many women may not pay close attention to what is occurring until she is silently suffering with painful symptoms.

Symptoms of Vaginal Atrophy include;

  • External and Internal vaginal pain and irritation
  • Achiness in the vagina and vulva (the esternal area)
  • Vaginal dryness, itching, and /or burning
  • Lack of normal healthy discharge
  • Urinary leakage
  • Painful intercourse (also known as dyspareunia)
  • No interest in sexual intimacy

This is a serious condition that effects our lives. In addition to suffering with the pain, discomfort and emotional feelings associated with it, Vaginal Atrophy increases our risk of Urinary Tract Infections, and Urinary Leakage and Incontinence and causes us to have very low sex drive. 

With Happy Hoo Hoo you have a safe and effective way to restore healthy vaginal tissue! Completely safe for both you and your partner. Discover how easy it is to restore your vaginal dryness. 

The Happy Hoo Hoo is an amazing all-natural suppository - no mess, low cost, and no prescription needed. The Happy Hoo Hoo Vaginal Suppositories help restore dry vaginal tissues to their healthy, youthful state, helping to relieve painful internal and external dryness, irritation, and painful intercourse. Continued use can help rebuild the vaginal muscles, decrease urinary leakage, improve sex drive, and heighten the intensity of orgasms. 

Formulated to include the finest bioidentical hormones available. Most hormones introduced inside the vagina will not be absorbed into the blood stream (thank you Mother Nature!) so Happy Hoo Hoo will mostly stay in the vaginal tissue where it does the most good.

We provide 16 intravaginal suppositories in each pack! That's enough for a whole month of initial treatment and will last up to two or three months thereafter!


The Quality of the Ingredients Makes the Difference! Because the quality of the ingredients isn't just important, it's everything! Our customers agree! They are made bioidentical to human hormones from non-GMO, organic sources, then blended into a soft, moisturizing vaginal suppository which is also made from all natural Saturated Fatty Acids. There are NO unwanted ingredients in Happy Hoo Hoo, just bioidentical hormones and natural fatty acids! 


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