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Vaginal Atrophy: Prevention and Treatment

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Vaginal Atrophy: Prevention and Treatment

Prevention and treatment are imperative to keep a healthy functioning “HooHoo” and sex life.

Every day that you aren’t treating vaginal atrophy is an opportunity for infection to develop.

What if you no longer had to worry about constant dryness, itchiness, and repeated trips to the doctor?

  • What if you completely eliminated the feeling of guilt because you were happy and eager to have sex with him because you wanted to and knew you could now enjoy every minute?
  • What if you felt SO GOOD that YOU were the one initiating sex because you felt twenty years younger?
  • What if your overall quality of life exploded and you just felt better more often?
  • What if instead of waking up sore and defeated, you were ready for whatever the day brought with it?


Remember, you have the solution at your fingertips. There is absolutely nothing to lose going with Happy Hoo Hoo. You’ll get immediate relief from the symptoms of vaginal atrophy which can start to reverse the frustration in your relationship. Feeling better certainly makes it easier to reconnect with your partner, right?

I have had husbands literally plea with me to help their wife because their wife was too embarrassed or feeling hopeless that anything could be done. And they weren't "begging" for themselves! Sure, their intimate relationship is important to them... but they also just want their wives to be okay.

And this is really a smart way to think because Vaginal Atrophy can have some very serious consequences.

When estrogen declines, and Vaginal Atrophy sets in, the normal vaginal pH changes and becomes LESS acidic. This effects the entire vaginal MICROBIOME and reduces the concentration of the beneficial flora that live inside a healthy Vagina - specifically Lactobacilli.

When the microbiome is altered like this, growth of organisms that cause vaginal infections, unusual odors, and vaginal discharge can occur.

In time, Vaginal Atrophy results in Drying up the URETHRA (the tube we urinate from) AND ends up causing Urethral ATROPHY as well! This becomes very serious the older we get.

As our Vagina gets dry, it SHORTENS and retracts upward and inward. THEN... you know what must happen at that point. Our Urethra starts retracting up too - getting closer to the Vaginal opening. This puts the Urethra even closer to the Anus... for which is a primary identified source of contributing E-coli causing many Urinary Tract Infections.

This sets a woman with Vaginal Atrophy up for serious Urinary Tract Infections, and she may not even know it!

I can't even count the number of female patients I have cared for who suffered from a serious SEPTIC episode stemming from a Urinary Tract Infection. In fact, 25% of all cases of Sepsis are caused by Urinary Tract Infections.

Despite the high number of women experiencing problems related to vaginal dryness only a quarter of women with these problems actually seek treatment. It is still a "SILENT PROBLEM" that many people feel embarrassed to talk about to partners, friends and even their doctors.

Women spend a third of their lives in a post menopausal state and they need to make sure they maintain the QUALITY OF LIFE that they had before the menopause. Vaginal dryness does not need to be treated as an inevitable part of growing older – something can be done about it!

While the decrease in Estrogen levels during menopause causes vaginal dryness, here are 4 other reasons that can occur at any other stage of life;

5 Things that can Cause Vaginal Dryness

1. Changes in Hormones - Decrease of Estrogen levels during menopause.

2. Stress - Psychological and emotional factors like stress and anxiety can also interfere with sexual desire and lead to vaginal dryness when normal vaginal lubrication does not occur

3. Pregnancy and Childbirth - While a woman is pregnant and after she gives birth, she can experience fluctuating hormonal levels. Pregnancy and childbirth create imbalances in hormones.

4. Medications – antihistamines effectively “dry” a person out, reducing all secretions. As a side effect will indiscriminately dry out other parts of the body, including the vaginal walls.

5. Diabetes - Women with diabetes actually have a 33% increased incidence of vaginal dryness due to functional vascular changes and medications.

The Happy Hoo Hoo is an amazing all-natural suppository - no mess, low cost, and no prescription needed. The Happy Hoo Hoo Vaginal Suppositories help restore dry vaginal tissues to their healthy, youthful state, helping to relieve painful internal and external dryness, irritation, and painful intercourse. Continued use can help rebuild the vaginal muscles, decrease urinary leakage, improve sex drive, and heighten the intensity of orgasms. 

Formulated to include the finest bioidentical hormones available. Most hormones introduced inside the vagina will not be absorbed into the blood stream (thank you Mother Nature!) so Happy Hoo Hoo will mostly stay in the vaginal tissue where it does the most good.

We provide 16 intravaginal suppositories in each pack! That's enough for a whole month of initial treatment and will last up to two or three months thereafter!

HAPPY HOO HOO ... Ingredients

The Quality of the Ingredients Makes the Difference! Because the quality of the ingredients isn't just important, it's everything! Our customers agree! They are made bioidentical to human hormones from non-GMO, organic sources, then blended into a soft, moisturizing vaginal suppository which is also made from all natural Saturated Fatty Acids. There are NO unwanted ingredients in Happy Hoo Hoo, just bioidentical hormones and natural fatty acids! 

2 Formulations ...

Happy Hoo Hoo Pregnenolone and Progesterone ~ A ReBuilding Formulation

Each intravaginal suppository contains Pregnenolone 15mg USP plus Progesterone 5mg USP in the original healthy Fatty Acid Base. Both of which are bioidentical, USP, Non-GMO and yam-sourced (not from soy). An excellent addition to hormone replacement therapy.

Pregnenolone is a “parent” hormone of the sex hormones estrogen, progesterone, DHEA and testosterone. 


Happy Hoo Hoo Estriol and Progesterone ~ A ReStoring Formulation

Each intravaginal suppository contains Estriol 1mg USP plus Progesterone 10mg USP in the original healthy Fatty Acid Base. Both of which are bioidentical, USP, Non-GMO and yam-sourced (not from soy). An excellent addition to hormone replacement therapy.

Estradiol is a form of estrogen, a female sex hormone that regulates many processes in the body. Estriol reduces symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes and vaginal dryness, but with a better safety profile compared with more potent estrogens. This makes estriol a better choice for bioidentical hormone-replacement treatment regimes.

Estriol has benefits that also include bone density health, heart health and postmenopausal urinary tract health.

How do I choose Which Happy Hoo Hoo is Right for Me? 

ReStoring Formulation

ReBuilding Formulation

The faster you get started on your treatment, the faster you can start healing and the sooner you and your husband can come together again.

Questions? Ask away!

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