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Understanding Natural Hormone Therapy

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Understanding Natural  Hormone Therapy

If you are a Woman between the ages of (around) 40-60 - you MUST read this carefully. It is my best effort at helping you understand what your CONVENTIONAL doctor will offer you in Hormone Therapy.

First you need to know that Hormone therapy is still the number ONE treatment for Menopause and Hormone Imbalance symptoms - whether you see your traditional doctor or an Anti-Aging doctor / Functional Medicine doctor.

This is because Hormone Replacement is the most successful therapy to rid women of the symptoms of menopause.

AND, based on the study done by the Women's Health Initiative that included tens of thousands of women, the final decision made by Conventional Medicine - is that hormone therapy is safe for MOST women.

Your Conventional doctor will likely offer you one of the following choices based on whether you have your uterus. IF you DO still have a uterus, your doctor will offer you a combination of a Estrogen and ProgesTIN. (But if you are following me you may recall that ProgesTINS are not the same as Progesterone.)

IF you DO NOT have a uterus, it is most likely your doctor will TELL you that you do not need a ProgesTIN. (But again...if you are following me, you will know this is a huge mistake to think only the Uterus needs NATURAL ProgesterONE.

There are MANY organs in our body that need ProgesterONE, not just the Uterus)

The only Natural ProgesteRONE available without seeking the help of an Anti-Aging physician is Prometrium. Unfortunately, few conventional doctors prescribe it - AND there is one more problem about it.

Prometrium only lasts about 8 -12 hours at maximum and is therefore not the best you can do.

If you are using any form of Estrogen, you really need full 24 hour coverage with a ProgesterONE... so you COULD use Prometriumtwice a day. That IS an option.

However, if you use anything from your conventional doctor, this type of ProgesteRONE, Prometrium, is the one and only ProgesteRONE Anti-Aging / Functional doctors approve of OTHER than Bioidentical ProgesterONE compounded by a pharmacy (or... of course "Young Hormones"... wink 😉wink😉 - our Amazing Line of Bioidentical Hormones over the counter!)

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