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Be cognizant information is changing rapidly and we are updating as soon as we can. Follow on Facebook for the most up to date information and resources:


Listen up... Here's FIVE KEY FACTS you need to know as it stands now:

1. There are a LOT of positive cases being missed right now. That's good and bad.

The GOOD is that this means that some people have it... get sick and go to bed... but never know they just got over COVID-19! This means there are people who don't have any more severe symptoms than the seasonal flu (which is bad enough.). This is REALLY good when you also start thinking about the MORTALITY rate, which I discuss below in #3.

The BAD is that the incubation period is up to 14 days and some people show NO or little symptoms - AND CAN PASS COVID-19 TO YOU (and strangers) without even knowing it. If you don't know you are sick and you are shedding the virus to others before you actually come down with symptoms... this thing has an opportunity to infect many unsuspecting people.

None of us REALLY KNOW how our bodies will respond to this infection. We MUST do all we can to support our immune systems and PREVENT disease because that is our greatest defense. We can not get cocky like I see so many out there be. This is no time for that. Because this is where MORE bad comes in:

2. SARS-CoV-2 can live from 2 hours to 9 DAYS on inanimate objects including your clothing, faucets, railings, tables, computers and so forth. The LONGER survival times occur on METAL, GLASS or PLASTIC with shorter times on paper. I'm not sure about clothing. Now how about some MORE BAD NEWS:

3. Just a few days ago in The New England Journal of Medicine, an article defined that the FATALITY rate of COVID-19 is around 1 - 2% of those who DO get it. NOTE... this is age DEPENDENT. The older you are the higher the mortality rate.

The rate of death increases significantly after age 60. At age 60, currently known... and this is touch and go too... the Mortality rate is a little less than 4 %. Over age 80, the Mortality rate jumps to over 20%!

And... though these numbers are likely to change as more and more testing kits are available to doctors, clinics and nursing facilities... 1-2% is what is being reported now in general.

Now comparing this to the SARS or MERS infections - whose fatality rates were 10% (SARS) and 36% (MERS) - 1-2% looks pretty good. But remember... the GLOBAL SPREAD of SARS-CoV-2 has far surpassed SARS and MERS (Thank God SARS and MERS stayed more confined!)

Now lets take this one step further... if you compare COVID-19 to a BAD seasonal flu - COVID-19 still has a 10 to 20 TIMES HIGHER Mortality Rate than the seasonal flu! A BAD seasonal flu has about a 0.05 - 0.1% fatality rate.


EVEN if you take MY estimation of the mortality rate closer to 0.3 - 0.5% (as we get more data and test more people I hope to see this trend) - the death rate is STILL 3-5 times HIGHER than the seasonal flu. So if you take the lower end of the estimated 1-2% mortality rate of COVID-19 and compare it to a seasonal flu... we're talking still 3 times (my educated guess of mortality) and 10 times (the current reported mortality rate) MORE LIKELY to cause death than the seasonal flu.

And remember... that's with up to a 14 day incubation period of a virus that can live up to 9 days on inanimate objects - waiting to infect us!

4. SARS-CoV-2 does not seem to effect children like the seasonal flu does. In fact I don't think there has been any deaths in children under the age of 9. And the Mortality rate is extremely low for everyone under the age of 20 and very low under the age of 50.

5. You will NOT be able to go to your doctor with a cold and flu like symptoms and easily get tested for COVID-19 without the THREE current guidelines - and even the "so called" NEW guidelines coming out on March 4th per Vice President Pence. You will NOT. It's FALSE REPORTING.

REGARDLESS of what new guidelines come out... do you think for one second that if there are LIMITED TESTS - and I mean REALLY limited tests - REGARDLESS of 2500 tests being delivered by Friday March 6th to testing centers... that YOU walking into your doctor's office will get a test if you didn't travel to an infected area within the last 14 days or were exposed to a positive COVID-19 person can get a test?


If ANYONE is going to get access to those tests... it's going to be the HOSPITALS!

I will talk more about number 5 later. But REMEMBER!

YOUR JOB is to PROTECT YOURSELF. Don't get Cocky and think this is just another virus that they are trying to scare us with. If you are alive... you DO have a risk and the Mortality rate is 10 to 20 times HIGHER than the Flu. That's worth listening to.

In future posts, I will give you many ideas to help you stay well and keep your family well. Make SURE you come to my FB page here or Leggett Medical Group Facebook page - instead of expecting my posts to show up on your Feed. To assure you actually see it, check directly with my FB home page and see what I've posted for the day.

I'm here for you and I'll give you the FACTS!

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