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The One Secret Every Woman Has - (But Most Don’t Realize)

The One Secret Every Woman Has - (But Most Don’t Realize)

In the beginning the Universe created a secret that is within the core of every woman.  This secret birthed and raised the greatest leaders of our world and led these leaders to reach the heights that further advanced our world.  Everyone knows the saying “Behind every great man is an even greater woman.”  Have you ever wondered about these “greater women?”

Over the centuries, this secret has served as the foundation of growth and progress.  And today, through the perseverance of women, and enlightened men guided by women, equal rights have provided for a more loving, stronger, and kinder world.  Only where female inequality exists, is there weakness and the inability to grow and prosper.   This vital secret that all women naturally possess, is indeed the foundation for the ultimate power of the Universe.  Maybe that is why the Universe actually gave this secret power to women in the first place.  The Universe knew it would be necessary for its very own survival.

EVERY woman has a secret that lies deep within her core-being. A secret that is the Key to a successful Universe.

What is this secret?

The number one secret women possess is that every single woman has the
ability to control the aura of her environment.

But how?  How can you, as a woman, control the aura of your environment?  And why should you even want to do this?  And what should you do to naturally unleash this power that is truly infinite in the grand scheme of life?

By the time you are finished reading this article, you will surely be enlightened to your own power, and to the power of your mother, sisters, daughters and girlfriends.  You will be motivated and enlightened to a new purpose that will truly be the most important aspect of your Legacy.  You will never look at yourself or other women in the same way.  You will be in awe and admiration for what you personally bring to the world and have an enlightened mentality to your existence and purpose. And finally, you will have an understanding of what you need to do and be assured of in order to bring out your power as easily and naturally as possible, just as the Universe intended it you to have.

In the very beginning, as your mother’s egg meets your father’s sperm, your connection with the Universe is established.  Whether you have been directed to become a man or a woman, you will grow inside your mother for the same number of months, develop the same exact organs, (except sex organs), and be birthed in the same exact manner.  But it is still in that moment of conception that determines and directs the destiny of your hormones. Will you be developed through the production of female hormones?  Or will you be developed through the production of male hormones?

Based on this single difference, a woman’s number one secret to her true, inescapable power is determined by her female hormones, Estrogen and Progesterone.  At that split second in time, a new power for the Universe is created.

Each and every woman, with her core hormonal direction, will have power beyond what most understand.  It is through primarily Estrogen and Progesterone that a woman’s drive to nurture is born.  A woman’s emotions, feelings, creativity, understanding, compassion, and motivation are all directed through the balance of her Estrogen and Progesterone sex hormones.  And it is through the balance of these hormones that women nurture, care for, and emotionally protect ALL living things, provide for the less fortunate and possess the natural ability to guide, teach, and be a mentor to all. It is truly a woman’s gift from the Universe.  And one she uses daily to give back to the Universe.

Therein lies the secret of every woman and how every woman can and does control the happiness and fulfillment of her family, instill confidence and self-respect within her children, help friends know their worth and feel appreciation, create cooperation and teamwork with co-workers, and even help strangers feel worthy and important.

This is a pretty big power, and a huge responsibility.  Other than understanding and owning up to her natural right, why would a woman even want such a huge responsibility?

In short, owning your power is worth every single second.  If you own your power and thank the Universe for its gift, the gift of being a woman, the Universe opens back up to you with infinite thankfulness. It will bless you with a happy fulfilled family, confident and appreciative children, co-workers who are fun and enjoyable to work with, and friends and neighbors who are there for you when you need them.

By understanding your true value, instead of feeling alone, burdened with personal problems and challenges, you see a bigger picture of why you are here and what your true purpose is on this earth.  You have ease of letting go of past experiences which never served you and your purpose to give, nurture and love.  You break the chains that hold you personally tied to the past, those chains which cause sorrow and keep your dreams at a distance beyond your reach.  In short, once you take ownership of your purpose, you achieve your true dreams.

Being the hub of your family, you take care of hundreds of things that our male counterpart has no realization or recognition of.  As a woman’s ability to juggle a vast number of tasks at once is driven by Estrogen, a man’s ability to stay intimately focused on one item at a time is driven by Testosterone.  But the enormous number of details required to make a house a true intimate home, and provide an environment that provides a healthy and happy place to live, requires ongoing flexibility, creativity and the juggling of numerous tasks at once.

Though creating a loving, happy and organized home wasn’t easy even when our sex hormones were at their peak levels, we were still able to carry out these tasks with far greater ease and organization.  Since the last century has brought advancements in science and medicine resulting in much longer lives, the challenge of living as productive, energetic, and vibrant women without youthful hormone levels has become increasingly more difficult. Menopause now falls during our midlife years, whereas it wasn’t long ago that menopause occurred toward the end of our lives.  

Today, pre-menopause represents the end of youthful hormone levels ten or more years before menopause when our hormones start declining rapidly. At this time, a woman can either believe she must live this way for the next 30-50 years and accept the changes that go with her hormone loss, or she can safely and effectively restore her hormones to a healthy more youthful state, slowing down the aging process, regaining her zest for life, while feeling confident and secure that Bioidentical Hormones used properly are safe and effective.

Today with so many years expected to come after midlife, this time should be a beautiful time in our lives when wisdom and maturity join together offering an advanced understanding of ourselves and the Universe. Unfortunately, instead it is often a time that we feel unbalanced, moody, unfulfilled, overworked and underappreciated.  Our sex hormones that once drove our desire to nurture, teach and provide to others have declined by 75% by the time a woman is 50 years old, making it much more difficult to continue to give our natural Universal gift to the world with the ease we once possessed as a younger woman.  With our lives extending thirty or more years beyond menopause, we deserve to enjoy this time in our lives, as a full woman, with the same energy, vitality, and motivation we once enjoyed.

Our hormones are truly the key to what makes us women and what provides us with youthful vitality.

And when we feel good about ourselves, and we are happy and healthy, our actions are clearly loving, calm, and caring. It is through our natural possession of our female hormones, primarily Estrogen and Progesterone, that women control the entire aura of her environment.  Feeling unbalanced, fatigued, and irritable leads to the loss of joy, motivation and zest for life.  This effects everyone around us - our partners, children, friends, coworkers and even strangers.  Everyone around us can sense our loss of focus, direction and commitment to others.  As our vital sex hormones become depleted, the challenge to maintain being the hub of our family becomes more difficult each year.

This becomes difficult for our families as they sense we are not feeling our best.  I have learned by observing and talking to thousands of women and couples, that all a man truly wants is for the woman in his life to be happy and healthy.  To a man, Testosterone drives his black and white focus.  He recognized years prior that a happy woman means a happy home.

Through my midlife years, I personally experienced all that I write about here.  My interest and mastering of women’s hormones has allowed me extreme understand of this topic at its core, and become the reason I believe so strongly in helping women restore their hormones to more youthful, healthy and safe levels.  (Read more about my personal story here.)

My commitment to midlife women and beyond has led me to many achievements.  One of the most profound achievements is the development of the highest quality Bioidentical Hormones available over the counter - “Young Hormones”.   My free Hormone Library of Videos on my website is to help you discover more about your hormones, and to help relieve the fear that conventional medical doctors work to instill in their patients.  It has become clear to me that conventional doctors who are controlled by an establishment based on pharmaceutical drugs and the money that drives it, base their practices on fear and control.

But research simply does not support this practice at all.  Even the largest, most quoted research, the Women’s Health Initiative proved that our most important female hormone, Estrogen, helps protect us from breast cancer. Why your conventional doctor doesn’t know about Bioidentical Hormones

Our hormones control the way we look, feel and eventually act.  They are responsible for slowing the aging process and helping us stay vibrant and energized.  Today we have the ultimate power.  The power to choose what is right for us.  The number one secret every woman possesses, driven by our nurturing female hormones, is the very key to the ongoing happiness, love, and success of the Universe.  What we leave behind, provides the foundation for every generation yet to come.   The happiness of the family, the cooperation of co-workers, and the enlightenment of the Universe is in the hands of women. EVERY woman has this special secret - the ability to control the aura of her environment.  Most women don’t even realize they have it.  Now you know.  You are a very important part of this world, and I for one am glad you are here.

You can learn more about your own hormones and about my complete line of Organic Bioidentical Hormones now available over the counter at doses just right for any stage of midlife and beyond at

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