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The Brain is in Charge of Everything | 7 Ways to Love Your Brain

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The Brain is in Charge of Everything |  7 Ways to Love Your Brain

I tell patients that you can get a lung transplant, a kidney transplant, a liver transplant, and even a heart transplant.

You can live without your limbs, and even without a bowel or bladder these days. Sure, it wouldn't be easy, but Medical Science has figured out a way to help you go on living as normal of a life as possible with all of these things.

BUT... You can't live without your Brain... and, there is no such thing as a Brain Transplant.

I like to make sure you think about this... Because it makes our brain a very, very special organ. Taking care of our brain is so important.

How does one take care of their brain, you ask?

It's easy! It's the exact same way you take care of yourself as a whole! Here are 7 important ways to Love Your Brain and Keep it Healthy and Happy!

  1. Sleep. People who consistently sleep less than 6 hours a night have much higher risk of developing dementia than people who sleep more than 6 hours a night.
  2. Love. Love, giving, caring and sharing are all activities that stimulate healthy Brain activity. Did you know that staring in the eyes of your dog increases a hormone called Oxytocin? Oxytocin is the "Love Hormone!"
  3. Nutrition. A healthy diet. Our brain is made up of mostly fat! Yep! Fat! And did you know that hormones are made from Amino Acids which come from Protein? yum!
  4. Activity. Stretching, Yoga, Walking, Weight Training and all the other forms of activity increases circulation to the brain. You see, Oxygen that your lungs bring in from the air around you needs to get to the brain. So increasing Activity is really healthy for the brain too! The more active you are, the more Oxygen the brain has, (and the rest of the body too!)
  5. Keep Discovering New Things! Like this! By reading these posts you are actually increasing Brain Function! Congratulations!
    One of the reasons I went into medicine was because I knew I would never run out of interesting things to learn!
  6. Keep Having Fun! Fun! You must have Fun! Too frequently we allow our busy lives to take over and we forget all the fun things we love so much. We just get bogged down in details. Details Details Details. yuk yuk yuk! Fun is where its at. Have FUN! Decide that you are going to do something Fun, and do it. Don't worry about whether you are "too old" to do something you once did... just do it. Did you see the video of me flying a kite recently? It was my first time ever and my husband taught me the Mary Poppins Song! It was so much Fun! Climb a tree. Go Skating. Have an Unbirthday party (a party for no reason.). Just do something Fun and try to add fun to everyday.
  7. Get rid of the Energy Suckers in your life. That's right. You read that right. If someone or something is sucking the energy out of you... tell them to either ship up or you're shipping out! Life is short. Really short. Don't let an Energy Sucker take your Fun time away.

Energy suckers are usually people or responsibilities that expect YOU to do for them all of the time without giving anything back in return. Ick ick ick. No thanks.

Questions? Ask away!

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