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TESTING for COVID-19 is really on it's way! WHY?

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TESTING for COVID-19 is really on it's way! WHY?
TESTING for COVID-19 is really on it's way! WHY? Because TWO Commercial Labs, QUEST and Lab Corp are now involved, making tests and soon to get out to the front lines.
My understanding is that there will soon be 4 MILLION tests to be available very soon.
This is going to change a LOT. As soon as testing is available nationwide and made easy for doctors to administer, people will be diagnosed sooner and those infected will hunker down more quickly.
Those who have the virus will be less likely to spread the virus. And it is through the Community Route of spread that we should fear. More knowledge means more protection for our most vulnerable folks.
The other big addition over the last 24 hours is that testing will also be covered for everyone. Not only did Medicare and Medicaid agree to pay for testing, ALL insurance companies have stepped up to the plate to pay for testing - including waiving all co-pays - even for Medicare ADVANTAGE plans.
This is also good news because people won't be hesitant to go get tested.
Sure, we'll see a higher rate of infection, but as always, knowledge is power. Hear me out! Here's what will happen!
Lets say you hang out with your girlfriend this weekend and then in a week from now, your friend starts feeling ill and is easily tested for COVID-19 and finds out that she is positive... what's at the top of her list?
The top of her list is to call all the people she had contact with over the previous 14 days! What will YOU do? SELF quarantine.
THIS is how Community Spread is stopped!
We're on the right path ladies!

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