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Synthetic Poisons vs Natural Medicine for Hormone Balance

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Synthetic Poisons vs Natural Medicine for Hormone Balance

Conventional Medicine earned its high respect. Less than 100 years ago, we were entering menopause at the same age as we enter today, but at that time, were expected to die soon after. With the development of antibiotics, deadly infections which once were a death sentence, became a mere temporary illness, completely curable. Many medications, particularly ones designed for the heart, added years to our life expectancy as well. It's truly been our good fortune!

Unfortunately, Western Medicine grew so fast and so successful at extending life, that it lost itself in the growth. Like "getting too big for its britches." Over the decades, we have been led to believe that nothing is better than Western Medicine. And most of us have believed this until the invention of the internet, which opened access to many new ideas and discoveries happening around the World. 

We have now begun to explore what is happening in ALL of science, not just in the pharmaceutical laboratories. A rapidly emerging philosophy of medicine, we call Functional Medicine/Anti-Aging Medicine has taken hold and is primarily practiced by Nutritionists, Chiropractors, Naturopathic Physicians, and Functional Medicine "Anti-aging" M.D.'s and D.O.'s.

This group of providers is responding to the urgent and desired needs of their patients, and is founded on the principle that the body has considerable power to heal itself, and that nature in and of itself offers healing support to the human body. We believe that an individual must be treated as a whole individual, and that each and every part of our body and mind are interconnected. We also serve to prevent disease before it has a chance to take hold, and when necessary, aim to identify the root cause of dysfunction that has placed the body in a position of immune suppression.

Today, it is true science paving the way for our understanding of natural medicine as a whole, with researchers discovering the tremendous benefits of natural compounds and their advantages over synthetic medicines.

One big area of Functional Medicine/Anti-Aging Medicine has been in the study and practice of Hormone Balance. Though hormones have been researched since the early 1900's by Conventional Medicine, Functional Medicine Researchers and Practicing Physicians have been paving the way for the research of Bio-Identical Hormones.

An extensive library of data is available comparing traditional hormone replacement therapy and BioIdentical Hormones, but unfortunately, in spite of all the research done across the Globe, and the increasing numbers of women finding success without the same risks with Bio-Identical Hormones, Conventional Medicine is still fighting for their control of "the market" by insisting there is not enough known about BioIdentical Hormones. They continue to insist on and prescribe synthetic poisons that we have undoubted proof increase a woman's risk of heart disease, stroke and breast cancer.

To me, it is one of the biggest shames of Conventional Medicine.

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