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Struggling with Hormonal Imbalance? Do you choose to ACCEPT or FIGHT?

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Struggling with Hormonal Imbalance? Do you choose to ACCEPT or FIGHT?

Now, more than ever, women of all ages struggle with hormonal imbalance.

Some have learned to live with it and unfortunately accept it as their “norm” since hormone decline is a natural and expected event in every person’s life, women and men.

However, happily we are living a lot longer today. Just 100 years ago, we went through menopause and then were expected to die soon after through our natural life expectancy back then. But today, we may live as much as 50 more years after menopause – twice as long!

More sanitary living conditions and antibiotics have saved many young lives. A simple cut on a leg, childbirth, and diseases such as polio, tuberculosis and even measles once shortened our precious lives. Surgeries that we consider today as simple such as removing an appendix or gallbladder wasn’t so simple just 100 years ago.

For many women, living half of their life without adequate, youthful hormone levels is unacceptable. With the ability to now test hormones accurately and confidently and replace them at proper doses with bioidentical hormones that are natural and exactly like the ones our body makes, helps end the suffering many women go through as their hormones decline. And proper testing helps assure us that we are restoring our hormones at just the right levels!

Hormones are tricky. Sometimes the symptoms of a hormone being too high or too low can be the same. It could also be an entirely different hormone that’s contributing to your symptoms, or simply an imbalance between a few hormones combined.

Unless you are actually testing your exact levels, all you are doing is giving your best-educated guess. This is not to say you won’t see improvement in your symptoms, but it’s also not a targeted way to get long-term resolution.

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