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Still Starving for MORE Weight Loss Secrets?

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Still Starving for MORE Weight Loss Secrets?


THREE NON Hormone Secrets that help me keep a more youthful body.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar - I drink a decent amount of water every day. But not just water. I always top it off with a little splash of Apple Cider Vinegar for that little metabolic boost.

Apple Cider Vinegar actually helps stimulate our metabolism and it also helps break down food. It's like a little digestive enzyme breaking down food and fluids which in turn help our bodies absorb our nutrients.

Absorption of nutrients is critical for every single metabolic process in the body!

2. Coconut Oil - or Medium Chain Triglyerides. It's very unusual to be allergic to coconut oil, but if you are, any MCT will do the trick. I actually eat 2-3 teaspoons of coconut oil THREE times a day!

That may seem like a lot of coconut oil, but try it! You'll see! MCT have been shown to be exceptionally helpful in our daily metabolic processes from brain function to bowel function. And MCT also increase our metabolism.

But what I love MOST about my Coconut oil is that it completely removes any cravings for food in between scheduled meals. And SNACKING is where most people go wrong. They snack and then they turn around and eat a full meal anyway.

Coconut Oil will eliminate hunger! I promise! Try it! You'll see for yourself. But remember... 3 teaspoons is equivalent to 1 tablespoon and THAT is equivalent to 120 calories.

So 360 calories for 3 tablespoons of Coconut Oil still need to be accounted for. Don't ADD coconut oil to an already full caloric intake. Look at what you want to get rid on - like those 2 pieces of bread or a dessert or other snack between meals. Or even reduce the starch component of your meals - and instead substitute the coconut oil - and whamm-O. You'll definitely thank me for this one!

And so healthy too!

3. My Vitamins. Ladies... You just have to take vitamins and minerals! You just have to! You can't optimize your metabolism without optimal nutrition! We just can't eat enough food in a day to accomplish optimal nutrition!

You've heard me say it before. Even the USDA states that most people are deficient in MOST vitamins - A, C, D and E. AND our Omega 3 fatty acids - and HALF of all Americans are deficient in B vitamins.

That's THREE more SECRETS for you!

Happy Weight Loss!

Questions? Ask away!

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