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So What Exactly IS Vaginal Atrophy?

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So What Exactly IS Vaginal Atrophy?

Vaginal Atrophy the deterioration of vaginal tissues due to loss of hormones... primarily felt to be the loss of adequate ESTROGEN to the Vaginal Tissues.

Up to 75% of ALL women develop Vaginal Atrophy during their 40's or within a few years of menopause! So you can see why this is such a serious and difficult problem for women! Especially since we expect to stay "young chicks" for DECADES after menopause these days!

Midlife and soon after Menopause isn't the only time Vaginal Atrophy can happen. Sadly, some women must experience this way before menopause. IF a woman must undergo surgical removal of her ovaries, or must undergo Chemotherapy for cancer of any kind, her estrogen levels will plummet and she too will suffer with Vaginal Atrophy.

Other than chemotherapy, other medications can cause Vaginal Atrophy as well, such as medications for fibroids and endometriosis or following breast cancer treatment - all used purposefully to decrease Estrogen levels. These include tamoxifen (Nolvadex), leuprolide (Lupron) and nafarelin (Synarel).

Physiologically, it causes the loss of the healthy "ridges" inside our Vagina, SHORTENING of the entire Vagina, Thinning of the Vaginal Skin Tissues, Loss of Moisture, Decreased Elasticity, and even Thinning of the Muscular Wall that lies beneath the surface tissue.

This muscular wall is important for Orgasmic pleasure, Preventing Urinary Incontinence, and MORE!

Emotionally, it causes so much more. We all know that physical pain is real. And when it comes to the health of our most Private Parts... A Hurting Hoo Hoo causing an onslaught of emotional pain too.

Women think it's the end of the road. Their libido suffers terribly and the guilt they must deal with by avoiding sex is discouraging, disappointing and sometimes overbearing. Many lose hope. Many marriages suffer. Sadly, suffering is NOT necessary! No Woman or Man should have to suffer because of Vaginal Atrophy! It is completely reversible!

Questions? Ask away!

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