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Signs of Hormone Change Mean Something!

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Signs of Hormone Change Mean Something!

You recognize when you have a fever, cough and body aches that your body is telling you something - it needs to rest! You don't run out to your friend’s house or go jogging or run to mall to go shopping. You know these symptoms mean something and your body is communicating to you.

Symptoms of hormone change are telling you the same thing. Headaches, Insomnia, Joint pain, Irritability, Fatigue, and all the symptoms of Hormone decline - MEAN SOMETHING!

HOW You correct this imbalance is critical. Physicians in conventional practice of medicine tell you to either ignore your symptoms... after all... it's "normal" for your hormones to decline... OR... to take a synthetic hormone supplement that has been proven to increase your risk of cancer. WHAT?

But TODAY is not what it was 50 years ago. Not long ago our life expectancy was in our 50's - just shortly after menopause - we died! Now we are living 30-40 years or more after menopause! The symptoms we feel as our hormones decline mean something - and our body is yelling at us loud and clear. Just like a fever, cough and body aches - our body is telling us something.

One thing that I have found out over the last 20 years of practicing medicine is that STRESS to the body, physical and mental cause disease. ALL sorts of disease from heart disease to digestive issues to cancer.

We need to listen to our bodies. The benefits of bioidentical hormones that you see and think about are only the Tip of the Iceberg. The Real Benefits of Bioidentical Hormones are actually far more significant than most realize.

Thank you for taking care of yourself. For putting yourself higher and higher on your list of importance and making a point to discover what you need to know for YOURSELF.

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