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Progesterone Slows Down the Growth of Cancer Cells

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Progesterone Slows Down the Growth of Cancer Cells

Ladies, I want to share something with you that is CRITICAL to your understanding about Estrogen Receptor Positive Breast Cancer that I can confidently say your doctor likely doesn't know.

YOU need to know. I learned it in 2004 when a leading national compounding pharmacist and his wife were my patients. She was diagnosed with Estrogen Receptor AND Progesterone Receptor positive breast cancer. 

We contacted the researchers at ZRT Laboratories and quickly were caught up to speed on the latest known research that had been going on around the world and THIS is what we learned.

Women with both Estrogen AND Progesterone receptor positive breast cancers were MOST likely to survive and be cured than any other form of breast cancers. That the Progesterone actually SLOWED down the growth of the cancer by counteracting the effects the Estrogen had on the DNA inside the cells.

In fact, cancer cells actually try to "get rid of" (called Down-regulate) the number of Progesterone receptor sites - in a way to make itself a stronger cancer cell. (It's like they are sneaky and smart.)

We treated my pharmacist's wife (patient) with HIGH dose Progesterone - Bioidentical Progesterone of course - 400mg ORAL PROGESTERONE a day - equivalent to about 100mg topical progesterone. She did not want to take Tamoxifen so this was a critical player in her treatment. She has been cancer free for 13 years. Today, with the evidence even more convincing higher doses than 400mg is not unreasonable!

If you EVER must face being told you have breast cancer - FIRST find out what type. Is it Estrogen Receptor Positive? Is it Progesterone Receptor Positive? If it is, DEMAND High Dose Progesterone as part of your treatment. Be Armed with this article, dated in 2015, ELEVEN YEARS AFTER our ZRT Laboratory researchers shared this knowledge with me and my patients.

This is a fairly easy article to read and SAVE. File it under something like "Breast Cancer Research" in your computer for safe keeping. It's likely your doctor doesn't have a clue.

Progesterone BALANCES Estrogen, resolves Estrogen Dominance, Increases our calming neurotransmitter in the brain (GABA), Protects our breast tissue, Helps us SLEEP like babies, helps support thyroid gland function (your metabolism) and so much more.

Progesterone - BIOIDENTICAL Progesterone - is our friend.

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