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Preventing OSTEOPOROSIS with Bioidentical Hormone

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Preventing OSTEOPOROSIS with Bioidentical Hormone

I hate this picture because it happened to my mom and every other female in my mother's family. OSTEOPOROSIS.

My mother was one of the FIRST women in the World to use bioidentical hormones. That's right! She was doing GREAT between the ages of menopause (age 50) and age 68 when she was on Bioidentical Hormones. She could run circles around every friend's mother I had. She could spend hours in her yard in the heat of the Florida summer, hike mountains in California, and take care of the onslaught of grand kids coming into her life at that time! She even helped home-school my son!

THEN... she needed a bladder lift. THAT conventional doctor / surgeon recommended a hysterectomy to help preserve the bladder lift. The uterus sits on top of the bladder, and by removing it, her bladder would be better served, he told her. Well, that is true! And I would have opted for the same procedure.

She believed him. And she said... "Well, you know... I'd kind of like not having to put these creams on every day!" And she stopped.

Quickly she started slowing down. Her drive, motivation and everything followed. Her bone loss was extraordinarily fast. Obviously there is a serious genetic defect in our family that drives our system to rapidly lose bone mass as we age.

Guess what happened next?

You guessed it. The loss of her hormones then just perpetrated more decline of motivation to keep working in her yard, exercising and running circles around all the other women her age.

And now she has full blown Osteoporosis.

Ladies... I watched the whole thing unfold in front of my eyes. Even being a doctor I had no control over what was happening. It was too late. She had no motivation to recover what she lost.

I HAVE had a RARE woman who has overcome the loss. But this is a really rare case. To find a woman who has lost her will and motivation to get things back in order is not common. But when one appears, I jump for joy because I know she can do it.

One woman I recall came to me for Bioidentical Hormones. She is in her 70's and a bone density test identified Osteoporosis for the first time. Something bit her in the rear end and she decided to be a warrior. Maybe I caught her at the right time... or maybe she saw someone else suffering and how hard things are when Osteoporosis really sets in. She started at a local gym, STARTED BIOIDENTICAL HORMONE REPLACEMENT WITH ME. Every single year after that we measured her bone density and every single year she improved more and more.

Don't let this happen to you in the first place. I have everything stacked against me. I am small boned, small in mass, and have a genetic predisposition for Osteoporosis... but it isn't going to happen to me. I will always assure that I am doing what I need to do to prevent it.

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