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Not Getting Enough Sleep? 16 HIGH RISK Conditions You may DEVELOP.

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Not Getting Enough Sleep? 16 HIGH RISK Conditions You may DEVELOP.

Progesterone is our First Sex Hormone to Decline! And it starts declining years before you're ready! 

Did you know that Progesterone starts to literally plummet when we hit about 35 years old! GOSH! That was 23 years ago for me! I wasn't ready for that! 

And if that's not enough ... it declines so rapidly that within 15 years, by the time you are 50 years old, you have only 25% of the Progesterone you had at 35 years old. 

Actually, this is a bigger problem than just the fact that it's barely present by the time we hit 50. Because Progesterone is our important Balancing Hormone!

Progesterone is our Calming Sex Hormone. It has an amazing effect on our brain chemistry by increasing the most abundant neurotransmitter in our body, called GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid). GABA is the brain's CALMING neurotransmitter! 

Progesterone is OUR SLEEP HORMONE! It is vital for a good night's sleep! No wonder women start to have sleeping disturbances in midlife!

Here is a list of 16 Serious Medical Conditions You are at high risk of developing if you are not getting good ZZZ's.

1. High Blood Pressure

2. Heart Disease

3. Irregular Heart Beat

4. Stroke

5. Diabetes

6. Seizures

7. Dementia

8. Asthma Attacks

9. Chronic Pain

10. Chronic Fatigue

11. Obesity

12.Mood Disorders (Depression, Anxiety and Panic Attacks)

13. Poor Immune Function

14. Increased Risk of Falls and Injuries such as Bone Fractures

15. Exercise Injuries

16. Car Accidents

Progesterone also increases Growth Hormone - our Mommy Hormone! And you know how the saying goes - "When Mom's Happy, Everyone's Happy!"

Progesterone also increased thyroid function, helps keep our immune system strong - repairing cells while we sleep, helps prevent bone loss, decreases pain, inflammation, headaches and muscle cramps. 

Progesterone also helps prevent diabetes!

Progesterone decreased blood pressure, thus helping decrease heart disease! And finally ... what you have been hoping and waiting for ... Progesterone alone, even without Estrogen, can significantly reduce and even eliminate HOT FLASHES! Especially if you start using Progesterone before you enter Menopause. 

Progesterone supplementation to me is like a Multivitamin. It is a NO BRAINER. If you are a Midlife Woman and are suffering from a lack of good sleep, seriously look at your Progesterone Levels!

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