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Negative Effects of Cortisol

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Negative Effects of Cortisol
Cortisol is generally best known as the “stress hormone.”

Cortisol is released when people experience stress, in order to address the changes that occur in the body.

Its concentration –high or low– can set off a cascade of changes in the body that can be difficult to restore back to balance.

Everyone is different and our bodies can be complex. If you want to increase/decrease your cortisol levels, it’s best to analyze them with Lab Tests.

The Negative Effects of Cortisol include:
1. Weight Gain: Cortisol causes weight gain, on the whole. It is one of the big 4 hormones that determine weight. Cortisol is associated with increased appetite, cravings for sugar, and weight gain in both animal and human studies.

2. Cortisol Impairs the Brain: The hippocampus (memory center) contains many cortisol receptors. Excess cortisol overwhelms the hippocampus and actually causes it to decay! Cortisol/Glucocorticoids impair declarative memory retrieval and working memory (WM) performance!

3. Cortisol Weakens the Immune System: Since cortisol works to decrease stress-induced inflammation, it also weakens the immune system, which makes people are more susceptible to sickness.

4. Cortisol Contributes to Cardiovascular Disease: Because of the increase in blood pressure in constricted vessels, it is possible for cortisol to cause heart attacks. Constant cortisol release damages blood vessels. Cortisol will cause higher blood pressure by retaining sodium, excreting potassium and by making your blood vessels contract.

5. Cortisol Contributes to Osteoporosis: Cortisol reduces bone and collagen formation. It decreases osteoblasts and therefore will lead to decreased bone density (by inhibiting periosteal cells). Cortisol also reduces calcium absorption so you will be deficient in calcium

6. Cortisol Increases Anxiety and Depression:

Cortisol activates the “Kynurenine Pathway”, which shunts tryptophan to make a molecules that will cause neuron loss, anxiety and depression (Kynurenine, Quinolinic acid), instead of making serotonin.

Check your Cortisol Levels at home with a simple Saliva Test:

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