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Natural Treatments for Vaginal Atrophy (Vaginal Dryness)

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Natural Treatments for Vaginal Atrophy (Vaginal Dryness)

Vaginal Atrophy is the medical term for "Dry Vagina." We know that 70% of all women end up experiencing Vaginal Atrophy as they enter their midlife years. It does not improve without treatment. And it can be a pretty serious issue!

It can change our entire sex life - long before we are ready, and certainly WAY too soon before our partners are ready! It also causes our libido to diminish AND increases our risk of Urinary Tract Infections and can also cause Urinary Incontinence. None of these are anything any woman wants!

Up until recently, the only treatment we had for Vaginal Atrophy was with Estrogen placed inside the vagina by either suppository, creams or a "Ring". This is very helpful, BUT... there's a real problem with it.

The biggest problem with Estrogen inside the vagina is that it is free to expose your partner to Estrogen. And no man wants (or should have) exposure to Estrogen!

Fortunately, Hormones placed inside the vagina are NOT absorbed into any other tissues or into the blood stream to any significant amount. This is why Hormones placed in the vagina, to specifically heal the vaginal tissues, are so fantastic!


The last few years has brought great research to the forefront that DHEA and Progesterone in the Vagina restore the vaginal tissue equally well as Estrogens! AND... as a major bonus, Both DHEA and Progesterone are good for you partner too!

DHEA is a marvelous hormone that is good for men just as it is for women. And, Progesterone has been shown to be good for men in that it helps prevent enlargement of the Prostate.

With that said - if you don't know yet... Let me Introduce You to The Happy Hoo Hoo! The Happy Hoo Hoo is a Smooth, Organic derived DHEA and Progesterone Suppository with nothing but Bioidentical Hormones and natural Fatty Acids! No preservatives,No synthetics of any kind, Nothing but healthy DHEA and Progesterone and Fatty Acids that help nourish the vaginal tissue as well.

And it's available without prescription!

ENJOY! Be Healthy and Have a Happy Hoo Hoo!

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