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My Story Might Sound Familiar

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My Story Might Sound Familiar


My story might sound familiar to you.

I was 39-years old when I graduated medical school. A little older than most doctors.

That was over 20 years ago. And like all physicians, I only had conventional training in medicine which meant that I had no idea that my sex hormones were already changing. 
My sleep was terribly interrupted! It seemed like my brain just yakked at me all night long and I never really slept at all. My ability to focus was horribly difficult. AND, if all that wasn't enough to deal with, I was gaining weight and had uncomfortable constipation and bloating. 
I remember being so fatigued that I would have to rest in my car for 10 minutes before getting out and starting my day. When I was at the hospital, I remember how I would run into the nearest bathroom before entering the next patient's room, look into the mirror and take a deep breath to calm myself. 
I struggled every day just to feel half-way normal (if that!). 
Eventually, I wrapped myself in my work, where I felt partly normal. Taking care of others allowed me to ignore my own problems. 
I avoided my son and my husband, pushing them away. I volunteered to work every holiday, just to avoid being with my family.
They had rallied behind me to help me get through medical school. 

All this shame bubbled to the surface. I’d dreamed of being a doctor since I was a little girl and now that I was, I couldn’t handle it.

How could I let them down by revealing that I was suffering inside?  

There was literally NO JOY in my life.

I reached out to an oncologist friend and shared my symptoms. I told him that I didn’t feel normal. He listened to me and ordered many tests looking for hidden cancer, but everything came back normal.

I don’t exactly recall how my “A-Ha!” moment came to me, but I do recall realizing that conventional medicine didn’t have anything to help me recover.  

My saving grace was that of my mother had always insisted I practice holistic medicine. Throughout medical school, she never let me forget that I needed to look at each and every patient as a whole individual.

She had been using bioidentical hormones for several years – and was actually one of the first to enter into this NEW realm of Anti-Aging / Functional Medicine.
BUT... my mom was 50 years old when SHE started hormones.

At age 39, I wondered ... could I have hormone problems this young?

I needed to attend a new type of conference for doctors that was different than anything I’d attended before. It was at this same new specialty of medicine called Anti-Aging Medicine, where my Mom's doctor had further training, and learned about bioidentical hormones.   

Today most people know it as “Functional Medicine”.
And sure enough, THAT'S where it all came together! Hormone Balance, Neurotransmitter Balance, Leaky GUT disorder, Adrenal Fatigue and so much more!

After all the training I had already gone through in medical school, I had not had a single lesson about hormone imbalances, let alone all of the other things that I discovered at the American Academy of AntiAging! In fact, at the conference, we were told that our conventional colleagues didn't even recognize Leaky GUT and Adrenal Fatigue as real conditions! (Well they are sure eating their hats today!)

In fact, we had very little teachings about the changes that occur before menopause at all! OR that the symptoms that I was experiencing could even be related to hormones.  

You see, hormones decline long before menopause and it was already happening to me. 

After testing my hormones I discovered I was significantly Estrogen Dominant. I also discovered I had profound Leaky Gut.

That's When the Women's Midlife Specialist was truly born.

Anti-Aging Medicine and I became best friends. I quickly devoured every piece of knowledge that the American Academy of Anti-Aging offered at that time.   I say it saved my life.  Since then, I have been able to use that experience to save many more lives in the last 20 years as a doctor.  
And now I want to help you. 

I put everything I learned into practice for myself, and in an extremely short period of time I was completely recovered from the fatigue, total exhaustion, lack of passion, anxiety, and irritability that I had been suffering from relentlessly.

Each year, I grow stronger, more vibrant, more productive and more beautiful. My relationships continue to grow and my career continues to prosper and expand.

My discovery changed not only my personal life, but changed my career and passion for medicine. As I healed, patients living hours away would find their way to my office for help, sometimes a decade or more after seeking help from other physicians. The rest is history.

When your hormones are balanced you feel great. And that’s how you become great, create an environment that feels great and changes the entire future of everyone you encounter. When you feel awesome, you really do make the people around you happier and healthier. These ripple effects of your hormone balance really do make the world a better place!

Women are amazing beings! And we hold the real happiness of our world in our hands.

I have found that it’s impossible to do anything by yourself. We all need the guidance of an expert, and we need the support of others who have had the same experiences and needs that we have.

I invite you to join us and get the guidance and support you need and deserve. Sign up for our videos and the free training we provide!  I look forward to helping you make your life the best it can be, and making a difference in many other people’s lives as well!

I look forward to seeing you inside!

Dr. Karen Leggett

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