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Supplementing with Hormone Support? Your Labs & Most Valuable Tip!

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Supplementing with Hormone Support?  Your Labs & Most Valuable Tip!

For all you ladies who are past menopause and are using HORMONE SUPPORT to keep you SWEET, SAVVY, AND SEXY, this may be the most Valuable Tip you receive throughout your whole day today from anyone!

Hormone Support is a perfectly balanced blend of Estriol and Progesterone. It will get you out of that "danger zone" we don't want to be in - called Estrogen Dominance. But there is a bit more you ought to know!

Background Foundation: for beginners

Hormone Support is a mix of Estriol (E3) and Progesterone only and does not have any Estradiol in it at all. Estriol is that form of Estrogen that is our most protective Estrogen - the one that increases during Pregnancy. The one that has been shown to decrease our risk of breast cancer!

Estriol offers the same benefits of Estradiol (E2), but is weaker than Estradiol. Don't get me wrong though! It is STILL very helpful for all the same things that Estradiol helps with.

Hormone Support with Estriol and Progesterone still help decrease the symptoms of menopause - and yes, even Hot Flashes, Mood Swings, Digestive Slowing, Sleep problems and so forth! And even in it's weaker form, Estriol, still helps our brain (improves memory and mood), bone (decreases bone loss), heart (decreases heart disease), and many other systems in your body.

Estriol has NO metabolites! It does not convert to Estradiol (E2) or Estrone (E1). And this is very good news for us! Estrone (E1) is the Estrogen you make after menopause and it comes from Fat Cells primarily. So if you are overweight - trust me... you are making more Estrone than a woman who is thin! And this is NOT good news for you. Estrone can convert to both Estradiol and to other metabolites, one being associated with increased risk of breast cancer.

Advancing the Foundation: for you Discovery minded Women

A. When you supplement your body with HORMONE SUPPORT, here is what you will find on your FOLLOW UP labs:

1. If you are thin, you likely started off with low levels of Estradiol AND low levels of Progesterone. You will also likely have a low Progesterone to Estradiol ratio. After 3 months of using Hormone Support cream, your testing will then likely show Estradiol levels still low, (there is no Estradiol in Hormone Support), and nice Healthy Youthful levels of BOTH Progesterone and Estriol. Since your Estradiol (E2) is still low and your Progesterone is now at a healthy level (what you want with Hormone Support) a Progesterone to EstraDIOL (E2) level either now be normal OR will not be able to be determined due to the fact that your Estradiol level is too low to measure. BUT a Beautifully balanced Progesterone to EstRIOL (E3) will be present.

2. BUT... if you are OVERWEIGHT, you probably started off with higher levels of Estradiol (from Estrone conversion), with a very low Progesterone to Estradiol ratio. You are actually the ladies at most significant danger for the effects of Estrogen Dominance.

Fortunately once starting Hormone Support, you will start protecting yourself, and you will see it in your follow up labs. With 3 months use of Hormone Support your follow up labs will THEN find your Estradiol levels possibly STILL high but now are at least Balanced with a nice Progesterone to Estradiol ratio and you are no longer in Estrogen Dominance. Of course your Estriol level will also be at Healthy Youthful Levels.

If this is You though, you still have work to do! You don't want elevated Estradiol (E2) levels. High E2 can cause the same symptoms of low E2! And even if you don't have symptoms... like hot flashes and night sweats... don't forget... Estradiol can potentially convert to metabolites that increase your risk of breast cancer.

The Valuable Tidbit: for You Master Brainiacs

IF YOU ARE OVERWEIGHT OR YOUR INITIAL LABS SHOW ELEVATED ESTRADIOL (E2), the most important Additional thing you should do for yourself to help balance your Estrogens is to take a quality DIM and I3C supplement.


DIM is Di-Indolemethane and I3C is Indole-3-carbinol.

These supplements literally clear Estradiol (E2) out of your system through the GI tract . They are a vital part of the care you are discovering is so important to give yourself.

DIM and I3C are concentrated in Cruciferous Vegetables and EVERY woman should eat a lot of cruciferous vegetables.

But women who actually see high levels of Estradiol on labs need EXTRA help and really should take a supplement containing these compounds.


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