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It's Imperative to Know the Side Effects of Low Estrogen!

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It's Imperative to Know the Side Effects of Low Estrogen!

While there are many changes during our midlife years, Bloating is pretty common and there are really quite a number of reasons that can be causing it.

Changes in digestion occur as you age. You may experience a slower digestive rate and notice negative reactions to certain foods. Many people have difficulty tolerating lactose, the sugar in milk. Wheat, other grains, beans and peanuts may also pose challenges to your digestion or trigger food sensitivities. For middle-aged women, hormonal fluctuations can trigger bloating and contribute to belly fat. 

When it comes to hormones, bloating occurs because of lower Estrogen production. Estrogen has a job to do it the stomach and pancreas - just as it has jobs to do keeping your skin more elastic, hair smooth and shiny, bones strong, brain sharp, and heart vessels cleaner!

And THAT job is to send the signal to the stomach and pancreas to stimulate the production of digestive juices and digestive enzymes! 

As Estrogen declines, there is actually less digestive enzymes secreted since there is a reduction in the signal to your stomach and pancreas to do so!

  1. Staying hydrated. While water retention leads to bloating, hydration keeps the gastrointestinal tract moving smoothly.
  2. Exercising regularly. 
  3. Avoiding trigger foods. 
  4. Avoiding carbonated beverages.
  5. Not chewing gum. 
  6. Quitting smoking. 

Other Side Effects of Low Estrogen Include:

  • Irritability
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Depression

It's just amazing to me how much our body depends on Youthful 
Hormone levels!

Well... I guess along with the success of extending our lives with Antibiotics, Sterilization and Sanitation, Successful Surgical Procedures and Devices... comes the need to examine the VITAL hormone support our bodies depend on!

Questions? Ask away!

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