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Is Inflammatone a better product than Curcumin-Evail for Inflammation?

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Is Inflammatone a better product than Curcumin-Evail for Inflammation?
In my private Facebook Group, the Savvy Sisters Circle, one of my Savvy Sisters asked ... 
 "Is Inflammatone a better product than Curcumin-Evail for Inflammation?"
Here is my answer to this GREAT QUESTION! 
Here are the facts you need to know to answer that question ...

ought to have:

1.  Curcumin is one of the most highly studied nutrients in conventional medicine. There are literally hundreds of studies done on Curcuminoids.  They provide systemic anti-inflammation properties and have definitely been shown to slow down cancer growth in the body - and is currently being studied as an actual "ANTI-CANCER" nutrient in rigorous NIH double blind controlled research.  DFH Curcum-Avail has 1000mg of the most efficacious curcuminoids known in a highly absorbable liposomal delivery base.  That's an excellent amount and source.

2.  Inflammatone has 200mg of Curcuminoids that IS standardized to the highest degree - 95%, but is not in a liposomal base.  The 200mg of Curcuminoids is not what makes Inflammatone awesome - nor what makes Inflammatone what I know Inflammatone to be best for.
3.  Curcum-Evail is best for all over body anti-inflammation - from nerve cell protection from inflammation related to toxins and high blood sugar to brain protection to breast protection to vessels in the heart protection - all from toxins, sugar spikes, and natural daily oxidation from normal aging and normal cell metabolism (which is called "aging".)

4.  Inflammatone is a DIRECT ANTI-INFLAMMATORY that I believe is best for those who have any reason to take chronic anti-inflammatory medications.

In addition to it blocking the same inflammatory pathways as these "COX 2 inhibitor" medications, Inflammatone blocks the same pathways (though to a lesser degree) as the Curcuminoids, while it ALSO reduces the production of something called LEUKOTREINS which can cause blood vessels to get smaller (called vasoconstriction) and Leukotreins also cause our lung airways to get smaller (called bronchoconstriction).

Therefore, it is wonderful for joint pain, back pain, headaches, chronic or acute!  Just as one might use Celebrex for arthritis... one would be far better off with Inflammatone.  

It is also excellent for bronchitis and asthma as well as high blood pressure to help keep our blood vessels and airways more open.

5.  Finally, I have one last thing to say... that we know is FACT.  The body has an amazing memory.  Just like our muscles have amazing memory.  This is the reason I recommend people who haven't exercised in a long time to START off with the same exercises that they may have done most when they were younger.

Because their muscles will remember those exercises better than any other exercise.  

This is ALSO the reason why I recommend short breaks from vitamins - like 5 days on and 2 days off - they can be days in a row or days apart - what makes sense to prevent your body from adjusting to their being "the norm".  This may not make sense to you so let me define what we KNOW about vitamins in the body:

If someone takes say 5-10 grams of Vitamin C for a long time ... like a year ... and then they ACUTELY stop taking it, they COULD experience a short period of SCURVY.  The RDA for Vitamin C is 75mg for a non smoking woman (more for men and smokers).  So 5-10 grams as you see is far more than 75mg (which I believe is way not enough).  Personally I believe 1000mg is what I would love to see us get.  In any event... let's go back to the person who takes 5-10 times what I believe is best.  5-10 grams is 37.5 to 75 TIMES the RDA.  That's a lot.  BUT it's really not all that uncommon.

There have been plenty of studies showing extraordinary doses of Vitamin C as beneficial.  But these studies are very short term studies.  And some people don't realize there is a difference and may actually take these high doses for a long period of time like a year or more.

Vitamin C is well known to be the very vitamin critical to prevent Scurvy - which is where the RDA recommendation of 75mg for non smoking women comes from. The RDA is the DAILY amount needed to PREVENT SCURVY.
Well what happens to these people who take high doses of Vitamin C for long periods of time if they cold turkey taking it... is they GET SYMPTOMS OF SCURVY!!!  

So once again... the wisdom of our body takes over.  It figures if THIS is what it's going to get all the time... it will adjust to it and function with it the best it can.  

In other words, I feel, as well as most functional docs believe, we SHOULD be aware of this and not over do things OR SHOULD "mix up" the body's memory all the time.  Keep the body guessing and it can better utilize the nutrients we give it.
There are a exceptions to this.  Obviously there is a baseline that we need all the time and hopefully we get most of that baseline with our food and nutrients supplements most days a week.  But SOME of us burn through our nutrients faster than others.  

For instance, those with cancer, diabetes, excessive stress, lack of sleep, excessive exercise, high toxic exposure, low glutathione levels for one of MANY reasons, and of course genetic conditions, prevent normal methylations and enzymatic reactions to detoxify our bodies optimally or even sub optimally.

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