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Is Cortisol Bad ... or Good?

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Is Cortisol Bad ... or Good?
We hear a lot about how bad Cortisol is. But in reality, it isn't Cortisol that is "bad" - because Cortisol keeps us alive.

Without it we would literally die.

Cortisol decreases inflammation, pain, and helps keep autoimmune conditions under control.

In fact, there is a medical condition called Addison's disease where a person is unable to make their own Cortisol, and these people must take Cortisol by mouth (or injection).

Here is a picture of the Hormone Cascade. It shows where all the hormones come from. You can see at the bottom of the cascade that Cortisol comes from Progesterone!

But WAIT! Progesterone starts declining before we are 40 years old and by the time we enter menopause, we are making very little Progesterone at all!

This really stresses our ability to manage inflammation and pain.

Women who start early, and supplement with Progesterone before menopause even starts, have far less inflammation and pain.

This is why I named our Young Hormones Bioidentical Progesterone Cream "Hormone Protect!" Because it PROTECTS us from so many consequences of our early decline of hormones!

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