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I literally LOVE my Hormone Cream so much, it's hard for me to forget it!

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I literally LOVE my Hormone Cream so much, it's hard for me to forget it!

Even if I didn't understand my body's craving to maintain healthy Sex Hormone levels... I am pretty sure I would still be committed to using Young Hormones.

For me, I'll be 60 this year... and it's Hormone Heaven that I use - and I RARELY forget to apply my cream twice a day.

I literally LOVE my cream so much, it's hard for me to forget it.

When I get extremely busy or my schedule gets way off kilter, I may have as much as 2 - 2 and a half days without it - and I almost ALWAYS recognize something that seems to be just a little off kilter.

When I was in the process of creating the creams, and deciding on the base to carry the USP hormones, I tried every Bioidentical Hormone cream that I could find on the market.

One of the things that I noticed on just about all of the other creams was how STICKY they all are, AND how they never really absorbed well into my skin. They left a residue on on my skin and some of them even got more sticky if my skin got hot.

I also had some fairly good experience with 3 of the brands due to my patients who had brought them in to my office to discuss them. I always tested my patients hormone levels using these over the counter brands, and 2 of the 3 brands seemed to have the expected lab values for the amount in the creams... BUT the 3rd one was frequently and significantly causing abnormal hormone levels in my patients.

It got to the point I just told patients, lets get you off this one because I'm just seeing way too many abnormal levels using it!

It was super important to me to make sure that my line of Bioidentical Hormones would be THE product that you could Trust Forever without any doubt, and be certain that your body was absorbing the exact amount that is promised in each pump of cream!

Young Hormone creams are so smooth and absorb so quickly that you just won't believe it! They are Organic, Non-GMO, and certainly would NEVER contain synthetic preservatives or parabens! They are even Vegan!

Young Hormones are USP (United States Pharmacopeia) Bioidentical Hormones and are the highest quality Bioidentical Hormones used by Compounding Pharmacists.

Young Hormones are manufactured in a CGMP, (a Current Good Manufacturing Practices), facility regulated by the FDA.

And they were completely designed by me, and are the exact same doses that I have been Prescribing to 95% of my female patients for over 15 years.

Young Hormones come in a lovely airless dispensing container that releases only 1/4 of an milliliter of cream - per pump - allowing for a very nice "fine tuning".

They arrive at your doorstep by Priority Mail in protected bubble wrap packaging in 2 -3 days depending on what part of the country you live in. (Later today I will share how to get Young Hormones delivered to you if you live outside the United States!)

The AVERAGE dose of all the creams in my Young Hormones line is 2 pumps twice a day. And at this dosing, one container will last you 2 months, costing less than a daily cup of McDonalds coffee!

Young Hormones: Hormone Protect! Hormone Heaven! Hormone Support! Organic Bioidentical Hormone products that you Trust - and LOVE!

Amazing! Discover them here!

Questions? Ask away!

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