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How Your Energy and Vitality Critically Depend on Balanced Hormones

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How Your Energy and Vitality Critically Depend on Balanced Hormones

Feeling full of energy, sexy, alive, youthful and attractive has everything to do with the balance of our hormones. Fatigue is extremely common with hormone changes. Progesterone is the first sex hormone that starts to decline 10 to 15 years before menopause. This is very important because Progesterone is our calming and relaxing hormone, which also helps us sleep soundly like a contented baby. As our sleep becomes interrupted, fatigue sets in.

If you are one of the lucky ladies who sleeps well, despite declining Progesterone, fatigue is still extremely common. The decline of Progesterone inhibits your thyroid hormone’s ability to function properly. And our Thyroid hormones play a large role in our energy level. Testosterone is also very important for our strength and endurance, as well as for the maintenance of our muscle mass. By the time we are 50 years old, our Testosterone levels are half of what they were when we were 30 years old. As testosterone declines, fatigue worsens.

As you can imagine, hot flashes and night sweats play a role in our energy levels. Having sudden onsets of hot flashes throughout the day and living with interrupted sleep due to night sweats is a huge reason women feel fatigued. Hot flashes are initially provoked by an Estrogen/Progesterone imbalance – or Estrogen dominance.

This may seem counter-intuitive to you because you might think an estrogen dominance would protect you from hot flashes, but this is not the case at all. It is all about the balanced ratio of Progesterone to Estrogen. For some women, natural Progesterone supplementation is extremely helpful and is all they need to get the hot flashes under control throughout their entire menopausal experience.

However, for some of us, correcting a Progesterone to Estrogen imbalance is helpful at first, but as Estrogen starts to decline further, natural bioidentical Estrogen is needed to remain free of hot flashes and night sweats.

Feeling Vital, Sexy and Alive has everything to do with the balance of our hormones as well. Most people only think of Testosterone when we talk about feeling sexy and alive. And though Testosterone is important, Estrogen drives our femininity and our feeling of being sexy and desired, just as much as Testosterone does. Our Adrenal hormones, DHEA and Cortisol, play a huge role in our sex drive.

There are also some herbal products on the market that have been shown to have a small effect on hot flashes and night sweats, though the actual percentage of women who find them helpful is still a bit dismal and far less than those who have success with natural bioidentical hormones.

Finally, some of us who enter menopause with additional thyroid, adrenal and gut hormone imbalances will require special attention. Fortunately, correcting these imbalances is not difficult at all with the right knowledge and guidance. And, this is exactly why I have developed the Master Hormone Madness Programs, which guide you to quick and easy solutions, keeping you safe with symptoms controlled throughout your midlife years.

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