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How to Enjoy a DEEP Restful Sleep Again!

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How to Enjoy a DEEP Restful Sleep Again!
When you open your eyes first thing in the morning, there’s nothing better than realizing that you just woke from an amazingly refreshing night’s sleep and feel happy, thankful, and ready to start Your day!
Unfortunately this isn’t a common experience for many women when they enter their midlife years! And what most women don’t realize is that the CAUSE of this sleeping disturbance is usually HORMONAL!
Sure, I have my favorite sleep supplements. But mostly because they ADD to the Joy of a deep sleep that returns when a Woman replaces her PROGESTERONE!
As Progesterone declines, the FIRST thing most women notice is a decline in the quality of their sleep. It usually gets worse and worse until eventually You’re Praying for a just one good night.
That’s HEART BREAKING to me! It is usually so simple to solve! Progesterone replacement is KEY! I used Progesterone alone for the first 10 years of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement, before I added any Estrogen at all.
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