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Hormone Testing is a Key Element of Effective Stress Management!

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Hormone Testing is a Key Element of Effective Stress Management!

The adrenal glands, otherwise known as the “stress glands” enable your body to cope with stress and survive.

Adrenals in balance produce adequate amounts of DHEA and
cortisol to power us through the day, taking stress in stride.

Together these hormones impact just about every process in the body, from energy production and immune activity to cellular maintenance and repair. They are key regulators of glucose, insulin and inflammation, and play a major role in bone and muscle building, mood and mental focus, stamina, sex drive and sleep cycles.

Adrenals out of balance are overworked and unable to produce enough essential hormone to keep us running on all cylinders.

When a person is under constant physical or emotional stress,
the adrenal glands are taxed to release elevated amounts of
cortisol, the master stress hormone. But over time, if stress levels remain high, adrenal output is diminished. When that happens, cortisol levels plummet, along with our energy.

When stress is prolonged, adrenal hormones start fluctuating up and down, triggering blood sugar and insulin imbalances, food cravings, weight gain and sleep disturbances.

Adrenals under pressure create imbalances of other hormones, e.g., stealing progesterone away from its reproductive duties to make extra cortisol, or inhibiting thyroid function and metabolism.

We start to run out of steam, sleep fitfully, get sick and pack on pounds through the middle. These are the hallmark signs of adrenal fatigue.

In the 21st century, keeping up with life in the fast lane makes
us all candidates for adrenal fatigue. People vary greatly in their ability to respond to and withstand stress. Assessing your own stress response and adrenal function can easily be done with a simple saliva test.

If stress levels stay high, the adrenals remain in “survival mode” to keep us going: by increasing alertness (i.e., sleeplessness), appetite (i.e., overeating) and fat reserves (i.e., stored as belly fat), while health and immunity against illness and disease steadily weaken.

Hormone Testing is a Key Element of Effective Stress

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