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Hormone Balance Does Not Need to be Daunting!

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Hormone Balance Does Not Need to be Daunting!

Hormone Balance can seem daunting if you haven't had some guidance to help you understand how the pieces all work together.

I have found that for Midlife Women - the best place to start to balance hormones is to restore Sex Hormones to Youthful levels first and foremost. It's the easiest thing a woman can do.

She can test her hormones in the privacy of her home at a very reasonable cost.

And with my line of Professional grade Organically derived, Bioidentical Hormones YOUNG HORMONES - available over the counter at the very same prescribed doses for most women in and around menopause, a woman has the ability to even BALANCE her own Sex Hormones!

Once that is accomplished, often half or more of a woman's frustrating symptoms are resolved quickly.  If more changes are needed at that point, it will be obvious.

If a woman has suffered with Hormone Imbalance for a long time, she may have an Adrenal Axis dysfunction that can now be more easily fixed. This is usually the second Hormone Axis to tackle.

After that, its time to look at the gut. If a woman has a poor diet, been subjected to multiple courses of antibiotics, or suffers from any bowel dysfunction, she may have a GUT hormone imbalance.

And finally, and only after the Sex Hormones, Adrenal Axis and Bowel has been cared for... a low thyroid function may need to be considered.

If a woman has a family history of low thyroid, has a very low fat or carbohydrate diet, has poor absorption of nutrients, doesn't use a nutrient supplement at all, is sensitive to gluten, has undergone extensive stress in her life, (and many more), a woman may be suffering from a thyroid dysfunction as part of a multi-hormone-system imbalance.

I almost always see thyroid dysfunctions completely resolve once the Sex, Stress, and GUT health are restored.

Questions? Ask away!

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