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5 Important Ways Sex Hormone Decline End up Causing Weight Gain!

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5 Important Ways Sex Hormone Decline End up Causing Weight Gain!

There aren't many women who can honestly say that weight gain isn't something they don't battle with during Midlife. That's because research has proven that Sex hormone changes absolutely DO increase our likelihood of gaining weight.

Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone all help control body weight. So read up on this juicy stuff!

1. As Estrogen declines, thyroid hormone production and its function also declines. This means that our metabolic rate, the rate at which we burn calories, declines as Estrogen declines.

2. Declining Estrogen results in the body’s inability to use starches and sugars as effectively as it once did. (The cause of the midsection weight gain!)

3. Then there is the "Testosterone Dominance" that can occur with many women too. And that occurs because in the middle of declining Progesterone and declining Estrogen with intermittent Estrogen fluctuations, Testosterone declines more slowly. The higher ratio of Testosterone to Estrogen and Progesterone is why we call it "Testosterone Dominance"

And THIS is ANOTHER annoying hormone imbalance that packs weight in the midsection.

Testosterone Dominance stimulates Cortisol production which in turn causes Insulin resistance - ANOTHER cause of weight gain.

4. However, event thought we might experience a "Testosterone Dominance" our levels are still lower than they were when we were little chicks... with the RATIO of Testosterone to Estrogen unbalanced.

With lower Testosterone we are still losing muscle mass, along with a decline in energy levels. MORE weight challenges. With less muscle mass our metabolism drops and we need LESS calories to sustain us. But we usually don't decrease our calories at all!

Then with the lower energy levels... whammo again! Less Energy, Less Motivation! With lower motivation or stay active... we need even LESS calories to keep us going.

5. Then there's Progesterone - it has a part too. Progesterone also has an indirect effect on weight. As Progesterone declines, our ability to reach our deepest levels of sleep are affected and this results in increased cortisol production - another snaf-foo for the ole weight loss game.

So ladies... If you are wondering- "Where do I begin?" It's a no brainer! Start by restoring your hormones to more Healthful and Youthful levels. Don't go overboard. Just normal youthful levels is all it takes.

Questions? Ask away!

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