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Have You Ever Wondered How Your Body Actually Makes Your Sex Hormones?

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Have You Ever Wondered How Your Body Actually Makes Your Sex Hormones?

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Have you ever wondered how your body actually makes your sex hormones?

I mean… We know the sex hormones are made in the ovaries. But what do the ovaries use to create the sex hormones?

They don’t just make them out of thin air, right?

Interestingly, the ovaries make all three sex hormones from CHOLESTEROL!

As long as we have adequate levels of cholesterol in our bloodstream, (and we haven’t gone through menopause yet), our ovaries can do their job.

But that doesn’t mean you have to eat foods high in cholesterol to have enough sex hormones, because our liver makes all the cholesterol our ovaries need in order to have healthy levels of sex.

The production of our hormones also follows a very specific pathway from Cholesterol, and this pathway is called the HORMONE CASCADE.

The first hormone produced directly from Cholesterol is Pregnenolone. Between the ages of 35 and 55, your body's ability to make Pregnenolone has declined by 50%.

ALL of the other sex hormones (and some NON Sex Hormones such as DHEA) come directly from Pregnenolone. So even if you have enough cholesterol, if your body is unable to make Pregnenolone... it will not make all the other hormones either.

And this is exactly what we see!

For the most part, ALL of the Hormones down-line from Pregnenolone ALSO decrease by about 50%. There is some differences between individual hormones... such as Progesterone actually decreases by a whopping 70% during this same time! And then Testostorone decreases a little less than the Estrogens and DHEA.

But for the most part, ALL of the hormones in the hormone cascade follow suit to Pregnenolone's 50% decline by the time you have entered the half century mark.

Now, what about SUPPLEMENTING with Pregnenolone? Is this a good idea?

Actually, in your 50's - the answer to that is "NO." And the reason is plain and simple.

When you supplement with Pregnenolone, you will find that all of the hormones downstream are poorly regulated. There is no way of knowing how your body is going to actually use that Pregnenolone, and which and how much of the OTHER hormones, your body will make of them.

In other words, it is a lot more complicated than just putting one foot in front of the other and creating equal proportions of each downline hormone. You could end up with much higher percentage of one hormone such as Testosterone, and little to no increase in Estrogen.

The RATIOS of one hormone produced over another are OFTEN abnormal! And that is where the BALANCE of hormones gets really MESSED UP!

*So I never suggest using Pregnenolone in Us YOUNG CHICKS, unless I am well aware of what is going on in your body and how you are processing Pregnenolone.*

The only other time I recommend Pregnenolone is in the very old and my primary goal is to boost immune function and energy. I am not as concerned about the perfect synchronous balance of all the hormones... just getting a very elderly individual higher hormones all together as quickly as possible in hopes to stimulate their immune function.

There is one more really cool piece you might want to know about Pregnenolone. WOMEN actually need far more Pregnenolone than men! We use up Pregnenolone far more quickly than men and sometimes can need 3 times the amount a man needs!

Now THAT's an pretty interesting tidbit.

Questions? Ask away!

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